So Let’s take a look on how to set up and get Apple watch widget clock on iPhone ? These widgets are free

Are you bored of the same old style stock clock on your iOS device? I think its time to give your lockscreen a new look. There are plenty of widgets and themes available for you lockscreen. But you can get same Apple Watch clock on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which look really cool.So Let’s take a look on how to set up and get Apple watch widget clock on iPhone ? These widgets are free. 
For this your device need to be jailbroken first.
To apply this Apple watch clock widgets on your iphone
you will need either LockHTML4($1.00) or Groovylock(free). I’ll show you how to
do that from Groovylock below.

you’ll need to add a repo:
Or add
Now, search:
Watch “Chronograph”
Watch “Simple”
install it.
installing the widgets, Also install Lockhtml4.
To hide
your slide to unlock install simplock from cydia as well. Because it looks very
You are
Note: if you use groovylock then,
iFile and install it.
free you will need to add repo
iFile from homescreen. 
to /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML and copy those files to
Now tap
on settings.
Some of the widgets on the Apple Watch look pretty nice. So Let’s take a look at how to set up these widgets and get them working for your iPhone too.
Those widgets will be available
within the GroovyLock or Lockhtml4  settings and you can apply
them from there in (theme section).
After you’ve done everything the widgets actually look like
above. You have now successfully install and make Apple watch clock on your iPhone.
Note: This widget is compatible with iOS 8 and partially work for iOS 9.