Foxconn is
ready to set up its manufacturing plant in India for a cost about $10 billion. 
Apple supplier
Foxconn approached the Indian government to open an iPhone manufacturing plant
in the country and is close to signing a deal according to the reports from TheEconomic Time of India. If the deal is done than most of the Apple products
will be manufactured in India. 
The report
also claims that Foxconn is interested in a 1200-acre area of land in
Maharashtra. After considering few other states, Foxconn has finally found a
better place to set up its plant. It is said that it will mainly focus on
producing iPhones on a plant built in Maharashtra. If the deal is fixed, it
would take not more than 18 months to build the plant. Foxconn is also looking
forward to open 10 to 12 manufacturing plant in India by 2020. 
Besides that
Apple is set to open a development center in Hyderabad for a cost about $25
million where many research and development will be carried out for the new
Apple has been
focusing its market in India continuously. It was set to sell refurbished
iPhones but unfortunately the Indian government refused it. But now the
government has agreed another offer to set up iPhone manufacturing plant in
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