Download $1.99 Arcade Game ‘Octagon’ for free this week only

Download $1.99 Arcade Game ‘Octagon’ for free this week only

This week Apple Store has highlighted a minimal arcade game Octagon as ‘Free App of the Week’ on AppStore. That means you can download and enjoy this $1.99 worth addictive app at no charge this week. If you miss to download it now, you will be charged as a regular price of $1.99. So hurry up and grab this game without having to pay a penny. This is valid till next Thursday. Once you download this app, you can use it forever for free.

This week Apple Store has highlighted a minimal arcade game Octagon as ‘Free App of the Week’ on AppStore

Octagon is an amazing addictive arcade game like Temple Run but on steroids and with much cooler music and graphics. If you're a Temple Run or Impossible Road fan, you definitely want to check out Octagon for iPhone or iPad.

Octagon is a minimal arcade game where you have to move fast or be left behind. As the floor moves beneath you, spin your world around to dodge speed bumps. Flip upside-down to avoid holes, surf on top of the Octagon - whatever you can do to survive the mad race through this trippy 8-sided tunnel. An energizing soundtrack by Sqeepo and psychedelic color bursts keep you in the zone on your race to the finish. But with each round over after just 60 seconds, only super-fast reflexes will beat this very challenging game. 

Octagon includes number of features as;
  • Classic, Endless and NEW Daily mode
  • Unlimited number of randomly generated levels
  • Dynamic procedural graphics with a minimalistic iOS7 look
  • Original soundtrack by Sqeepo
  • Universal App with iCloud syncing
  • Pure challenge with no in-app purchases or cheats

Watch the trailer of this game:

What's New in this Version
  • The biggest change since the initial release!
  • Night mode (psychedelic dark skin)
  • iOS 9, iPhone 6S/6S plus and iPad Pro support
  • iOS 9 ReplayKit record & share added
  • Game Controller support is back on stage
  • Todays widget, play favorite mode directly from Notification Center
  • 3D Touch supported - play favorite mode directly using shortcut menu
  • UI/Images tweaks
  • bugfix & optimizations
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is compatible with iOS 6.0 or later.
Download $1.99 Arcade Game ‘Octagon’ for free this week only Download $1.99 Arcade Game ‘Octagon’ for free this week only Reviewed by iMangoss on 6:44:00 PM Rating: 5

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