$1.99 Mimpi Dreams is Apple’s free app of the week

$1.99 Mimpi Dreams is Apple’s free app of the week

This week Apple Store has highlighted $1.99 Mimpi Dreams app as ‘Free App of the Week’ on App Store. That means you can download and enjoy this $1.99 worth game at no charge this week. If you miss to download it now, you will be charged as a regular price of $1.99. So hurry up and grab this game without having to pay a penny. This is valid till next Thursday. Once you download this app, you can use it forever for free.

Mimpi is a lazy doggy who becomes the “Superdog” in his dreams. Help him to save his friends by manipulating the environment of 6 original illustrated worlds in this charming mix of adventure, puzzle, and platformer. Find out what dreams dogs have and download the sequel to the award-winning Mimpi 1! Mimpi Dreams is a casual game, do not expect strong challenges, we want you to have fun and finish it. 

A short video of the game in action:

From the App Store Editors’ Notes:
They say don’t wake sleeping dogs, but poor Mimpi has been having some very weird dreams. From laboratories to forests to dangerous, debris-strewn waters, the only similarity between Mimpi’s dreamscapes is how fun they are to navigate. Each stage is filled with puzzles to solve and environmental objects to fiddle with. You’ll knock down power lines, steer clouds, push suitcases, and (of course!) collect bones on your exhilarating journey through dreamlands.

  • Scientifically accurate super-realistic simulator of dog dreams :)
  • Casual gameplay combining platformer, puzzles, and adventure
  • 6 different worlds to explore: stoneface forest, tesla landscape, bottle seaside, fairytale, medieval castle and factory!
  • Soundtrack by award-winning​ composers Jaroslav Vyhnička and Alexandre Guiraud
  • Download size <100MB
  • Sequel to the award winning original - yes, there is Mimpi 1
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.

Mimpi Dreams is available in the App Store for free for a limited time.
$1.99 Mimpi Dreams is Apple’s free app of the week $1.99 Mimpi Dreams is Apple’s free app of the week Reviewed by iMangoss on 7:01:00 PM Rating: 5

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