reveals a new video on YouTube on recent construction progress at Apple
Campus 2 took with drone which is expected to complete its new Apple’s headquarters
early next year.
Video of recent construction progress of Apple Campus 2

Some of the highlights:
● Research & Development facility is nearing completion

● Tantau Security Kiosk roof is complete

● Construction foam almost entirely covered in dirt

● Smaller structures taking shape inside the spaceship

● Last large crane remaining on Apple Campus 2 site

● Windows & solar installation beginning on Tantau Ave

● Glass panels recently installed on the atrium

● Landscaping is happening at a rapid pace

● Soil & trees are being moved everywhere

● Mountain of dirt is nearly gone due to landscaping

● Main tunnel is now half covered in dirt

● Solar installation on spaceship is 60% complete

● Landscaping changes in front of the fitness center

● Maintenance shed nearing completion

Via Matthew Roberts