introduced a new robot named as Liam last year. The company said the making of robots
was to destroy iPhone devices in a way and recover and reuse those valuable components
in the future contained inside it. These Liam robots are currently operating in
California and Netherlands.
According to
Apple, Liam Robots can destroy one iPhone 6 in every 11 Secs and one Liam can
disassemble 1.2 million iPhone 6 units in a year. 
Check out Apple’s “Liam” Robot video
Apple also reports, For every
10,000 phones that Liam disassembles, it had the potential to recover 190 kg of
aluminum, 80 kg of copper, 0.13 kg of gold, 0.04 kg of platinum group metals,
0.70 kg of silver, 5.5 kg of tin, and 2.4 kg of rare earth elements.