A photo was recently published on a
Chinese Social Network Weibo that shows the design drawing of Apple’s rumored
OLED iPhone 8.
The sketch that shows the various leaks
of an upcoming iPhone 8 appears to be on a computer belonging to one of the
Apple manufacturing partner. The image on a computer seems to be on a testing phase,
that means this may not be the final design but may be one of the prototype
Apple has been testing over many.
The leaked sketch shows an iPhone with a
larger display with very slim bezels on the side and less bezel on the top and bottom.
Whereas on the rear side, the sketch shows a dual camera system vertically aligned
which was once a rumor claimed by Mac Otakara in December.
As there were so many rumors that the
upcoming iPhone 8 won’t have a Touch ID Home Button on the front, it has been
relocated on the backside of an iPhone just below the apple logo according to
the sketch.
The Touch ID Home Button was rumored to
be embedded underneath the display of an iPhone 8. But latest reports suggests
that Apple is facing a big problem with an under-display solution. If Apple
fails to resolve the issue then one of the possibility is to integrate Touch ID
on the back.

If this is the final design of an iPhone
8, what would be your opinion to it? Please let us know in the comment section.