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Apple releases AirPods firmware 3.7.2

Apple silently updated AirPods
firmware version 3.7.2 with some bug fixes and improvements.
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For those who didn’t know, you can check
and update your AirPods software firmware version right from your iPhone, iPad
or Mac.
The process of checking AirPods firmware
version is easy and is little different than iPhone/iPad software update.
Apple silently updated AirPods firmware version 3.7.2 with some bug fixes and improvements.
AirPods firmware 3.7.2 is automatically
updated AirPods firmware when they are paired to an iPhone and
connected to internet connectivity. There is no manual method yet for software
update of AirPods firmware so Apple might bring some technique to update
AirPods firmware manually or with OTA  in the coming future.
You can find out
your AirPods firmware version in Settings → General → About →
 on your iPhone/iPad when the earbuds are connected.
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