iOS 11 Release Date, Features: What's new ?????

iOS 11 Release Date, Features: What's new ?????

iOS 11 Release Date
Apple’s next major operating system iOS 11 is going to be unveiled at 28th WWDC on June 5, 2017 but it is expected to be released in July 2017 for Public testers while the iOS 11 Official release date may fall in the second week of September 2017 with the launch of Apple's upcoming iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

So how iOS 11 will be? What features will include in iOS 11? How fast will it be? Would iOS 11 features include something new we didn’t expected? Since there are many rumors regarding iOS 11 features, we will be talking about what features Apple could take in next iOS version and what should it add on iOS 11 along with its release date.

Apple’s next major operating system iOS 11 is going to be unveiled at 28th WWDC on June 5, 2017 but it is expected to be released in July 2017 for Public testers

What we expect in iOS 11 features

New Home Screen & Widgets
Apple lack a new design since iOS 7, so iOS 11 may come with a brand new Home Screen with customized icons. iOS has several all new features but Apple should add some widget on Home Screen to look even more functional and much better.

Updated Siri
Apple should update Siri in iOS 11 and try to add more features with better functionality and faster performance.

Group FaceTime Capability
Apple has its own audio and video calling feature on iOS. As rumored Apple to introduce group Facetime capability like Skye. With this iOS feature, iPhone users can start calling or a group conversation with muti persons at one time.

New Music App
Apple will introduce new edition of Apple Music app with lot more features.

Camera Enhancement
Apple should make an improvement on Camera in iOS 11 with more stabilization, focus, clearity and improved Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus and upcoming iPhone 8.

More Secured Apple Pay
Apple Pay is mobile payment service which is launched by Apple and is available for iPhone 7-7 Plus, iPhone 6S- 6S Plus and lower 64 bits devices. Along with that Apple Payment service is available for Apple Watch, iPad Pro etc. Apple should make its Apple Pay system more secure in iOS 11 so that hackers cannot steal any users information.

New Automator App
Apple is likely to launch a new app called “Automator” in iOS 11 based on Workflow. The Home app to be built into Automator with full functionality and features.

What Apple Should add in iOS 11 features

Decline & Silent feature on Calls
When your device is in locked state, there is no decline feature on incoming calls. It’s quite difficult to press the Power Button to make silent and double press the power button to decline incoming calls. Apple should add the decline and silent features on calls in iOS 11.

More Powerful Low Power Mode with Toggle
Apple should bring the Low Power Mode with more powerful capability to determine appropriate battery usage. In additionto that, Apple should add a Low Power Mode toggle in Control Center in iOS 11.

Dark Mode
Apple should change the white UI interface into Dark Mode which has been rumored for long time. Dark mode on iOS 11 will be quite good and will make the users happy using it.

New Unicode Emojis
Apple will be adding some new Unicode emojis for the iOS 11 keyboard as rumored. Unicode 10 is said to be released in mid-2017 which means iOS 11 could be the update that brings new Unicode emojis on iOS 11 like Face With Hand Over Mouth, Curling Stone, T-Rex, Orange Heart, Merperson, and many more.

Apple has the reachability feature but it has not been updated since this feature was added on iOS. Reachability feature was built for bigger screen for One handed use. Apple should add some more functionality of using multi apps within reachability if wanted and make the One handed features a responsive.

More Toggle on Control Center
Since the introduction of iOS 7, Control Center has same default toggle in iOS 10.3.1, Apple should add some more toggles like Cellular 3G/4G, Respring, Personal Hotspot, Screenshot and more.

Apple should add brand new Dynamic and Live wallpapers in iOS 11 so that user could customize their iPhone with some new beautiful iOS default wallpapers.

Do you have any wish-lists for iOS 11? Do let us know that in the comments below.

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