(30 July) – New released Cydia Tweaks this week
(23 rd July) – New released Cydia Tweaks this week
(16 th July) – New released Cydia Tweaks
(8th July) – New released Cydia Tweaks
(1st July) – New released Cydia Tweaks

What’s up
guys! Now it’s time to look up the new iOS 10 and 9 compatible cydia tweaks & apps released for iPhone/iPad
which you might missed in this week. When new tweaks are released in cydia,
we’re so excited to install it but due to lack of time management we
don’t get a chance to look at Cydia.

Every tweak
brings some new features for customizing our iDevices. There are number of
tweaks that are released every day. But trying all of them is time consuming or
some don’t work properly which may result in creating problem to your device.

So here we come up with "Cydia Tweaks of the Week" with new released cydia tweaks compatible with iOS 9 and 10 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that you might missed this week.

So here we
come up with “Cydia Tweaks of the Week” with new released cydia tweaks compatible with iOS 9 and 10 for iPhone, iPad, and
iPod Touch that you might missed this week. These all tweaks are just tested & work fine and are available
in Cydia via BigBoss & ModMyi Repo.

Take a look at new released Cydia tweaks
of the week you might have missed

Actif 2 Allows you to create as
many conditions for activator. (Free)
Callisto Pro (iOS 10) A highly
advanced passcode system. ($2.49)
CamMode Display camera code when
switched. (Free)
Creamy 9(iOS 10/9) iOS 11 style
passcode buttons in iOS 10-9. (Free)
HomeCardIconLabel Enable icon and
label for home card. (Free)
Accelerated Unlock Remove passcode
delay for non-touch-id devices. (Free)
BrowserChanger10 Open URL links in
a browser of your choice. (Free)
CarPlay Lockout Disable lockout
when connecting to CarPlay unit. (Free)
Torch on Focus Turn the flashlight
on when the Camera app is trying to focus in low-light conditions. (Free)
CCustomize Includes
full dark mood and the ability to remove graphical assets such as overlays (Free)
S8Edge This
tweak will give curved edge look of Samsung’s flagship by using smoke and
mirrors rather than taking a file to your screen. (Free)
FullSafari Enables
the iPad-like Safari tabs on an iPhone. (Free)
Disables the auto-lockout that occurs when you connect your device to a
CarPlay unit.(Free)
F.Y.A. Hack
lets you save PHOTOS and VIDEO with just one click and double click
for videos! They are saved in the background without slowing down. (Free)
Remove that annoying delay when pressing the home button on the lock
screen to bring up the passcode screen, which makes unlocking your device with
a passcode feel quicker. (Free)
TimeFormat Change
the format of the date and time area of the status bar. (Free)
Lets you open URL links in a browser of your choice! Supports Chrome, Firefox,
Dolphin, and iCab Mobile. (Free)

AdvanceStatusTime Customize the
time entry in status bar. ($0.99)
Apace Control Spotify from CC and
LS. ($1.99)
Applocker Locking solution to your
device. ($0.99)
DarkTintsInConvosList Darker Convos
list in Messages and more. (Free)
Erebus A dark mode for the iOS 10
Music app. (Free)
IamNoGenius Disable Genius/Behind
the Lyrics in Spotify. (Free)
iFunnyWatermarkRemover Copying
memes has never been easier. (Free)
InstantAssistant Launches Google
Assistant in Listening mode. (Free)
LastLocked Replaces Press home text
with Locked. (Free)
Memento Screenshots enhanced.
QuickTrust Adds trust button to
untrusted developer alert. (Free)
RedditCollapse Swipe to collapse
comments in Reddit app. (Free)
Safari Plus Various enhancements to
Safari. (Free)
SCStoryTimer Restore story time
like snapchat. (Free)
SkipMe Skip music tracks based on
tags. (Free)
Social Downloader Download videos
in Social apps. ($1.00)
Spotlight No Suggest Clear
Spotlight search history/suggestions. (Free)
TimeMover Move, resize and rotate
your lockscreen clock. ($1.99)
Watus 2 for WhatsApp All in one
tweak for WhatsApp Messenger. (Free)
DetailedCellularUsage Unlock all
hidden cellular data usage. (Free)
LSHiddenTools10 Visual Hidden
options for Lockscreen. (Free)
SaveBot Save Videos from TweetBot.
SwitchTint Color customizer for
switch toogles. (Free) See Review
TouchBar Touch Bar on iOS like
Macbook Pro. ($2.00) See Review
Charge A clean minimalist charging
view. ($0.99) See Review
GuestMode 2 (iOS 10) Allow user
access to apps you choose. ($0.99) See Review
Toka NC instead of Spotlight on
homescreen. (Free)

Classic Back to classics. Styled
Notifications. (Free)
Horseshoe A better iOS 10 Control
Center. ($2.50)
SkinnySettings Make your settings
minimal/sleek and more. (Free)
Vibrancy (iOS 10) Make the
lockscreen clock vibrant. (Free)
LaunchInSafeMode Use Force touch to
launch app in safe mode. (Free)
SmartCameraShutter Make your Camera
Shutter Buttons Smarter. (Free) See Review
Thumbtack Pin notes with long
press. (Free)
AMP Always Music Page when playing.
Other Jailbreak Tweaks & Apps
BatteryBanners Show percentage of
battery remaining. (Free)
CCVertically Vertical Control
Center toggle button and media. (Free) See Review
Cheader Colored Banner Headers.
ClassicFolders 2 Bring back iOS 6
folders to iOS 10. ($1.99)
Hypeman Announce now playing track
chnages. (Free)
IconCert Shows cert info on yalu
icon. (Free)
Lace NCObey/Leash for iOS 10.
NaskedHotspotPass Sk the hotspot
password in settings. (Free)
Masq Artwork theming & music
aesthetics for iOS 10. ($1.75) See Review
NCWallCustomizer Change background
of Notification Center on iOS 10. (Free) See Review

NoBlurFrontCamera Disable blur in
FaceTime’s front camera. (Free)
Pigeon Updated icon badges when
clearing notification. (Free)
PresentPage Choose which page
control center opens with. (Free)
Reddit Enhanced Suite of tweaks for
Reddit app. (Free)

Bouncy10 An bounce animation
throughout iOS. (Free)

CCStatus Set custom statuses for
control center toggles. (Free)

CCVertically Vertical Toggle button
and Media and more. (Free) See review
MoreRecentSongsPlz Unlimited Number
of Recently added songs in Music app. (Free)
MusicMoreColumns Make 3 columns in
Music app. (Free)
NGXPlay Let your carplay can run
any app that you want. (Free)
QuickFlash Quickly toggle
flashlight from lock screen. (Free)
SpringToolz Stylized shapes for app
icons. (Free) See review
TapToOpen Tap on lockscreen
notifications to open them. (Free)

WAStatusVolume Status volume of
WhatsApp at your iDevice. ($0.99)
FolderAutoClose 10 Automatically
closes folder after app launched. (Free)
No Date Today Hides date in Notification
Center and Today view. (Free)
NoTime10 Removes today view widget and
more. (Free)

SafaReaderFullScroll Force Safari App to
open pages always in Reader. (Free)
Coco Make Do Not Disturb customizable
for 3rd party Apps. (Free)

RedditOpenLinksInNarWhal Open Reddit
links in Narwhal client. (Free)
ColorGram Full color customization for
Instagram. ($1.49) See Review
FancyNC Enhanced style of Notification
Center. (Free)
Sparkasse4JB Removes jailbreak detection
for Sparkasse app. (Free)

Spotlife Replace the Today Views page
with Spotlight on the Homescreen and Lockscreen like iOS 9. (Free)
Accelerated Home Button Removes the Home
Button Delay. (Free)
CCQuick Pro X for iOS10 Shorcuts and
Powerful options for Control Center. ($2.99)

NoMoreFBStories Disables swipe cam in Fb
stories. (Free)

WAUnknownGroupFix Allows delete unknown
group chats in WhatsApp. (Free)

WeatherBanners Show current weather
quick. ($0.99)
DismissAnywhere Listen to music while
recording in camera. (Free)

Downloadally Adds a download button to
musically. (Free)
ExactTime Shows the exact time of a
notification. (Free)

WA Status Save Save friend’s Whatsapp
Status media to your device photo albums ($1.99)

betterNC10 Customization to Notification
Center (Free)
Smooth3D Enhance 3D Touch Menu (Free)
LastTimeUnlocked (iOS 10) Check the last
time when you unlocked your device (Free)
ExactTime Shows the exact time of a
notification received (Free)
Downloadally Adds a download button to
musically app (Free)
DismissAnywhere Dismiss a popup by
tapping anywhere (Free)
Dndmymusic Listen to music while
recording a video (Free)
WeatherBanners Shows the weather
condition in a banner ($0.99)

SCOthman For Snapchat
 Add features to the Snapchat app. (Free)
CCDataMore Enable cellular data in
control center. (Free)
NoGoogleAMP Calls request desktop
site in Safari. (Free)
Haskfm Enhancement tweaks for Askfm
app. (Free)
PanoramaPapers Add a different
image to each Screen. (Free) See Review
WifiChannelBar Adds current wifi
channel to status bar. (Free)
AirDrop Disabler Remove AirDrop
from action sheets. (Free)
Don’t Stop The Party Lite Apple
music during resprings. (Free)
Don’t Stop The Party Allows you to
continue to listen to your music during resprings. ($2.00)
StatusPeek 2 (iOS 10) NC grabber as
it was meant to be round 2. ($0.99)
GoAway Changes the iPhone is
disable text. (Free)
Birdhouse Replace no notifications
with a tweet. (Free)
i See Starts III (iOS 10) View
ratings in playlist in Music. (Free)
AdBlock for YouTube Block YouTube
Ads and Video Ads. (Free)
discreetVoiceMemos Make Discreet
the VoiceMemos App. (Free)
NoMoreStories Remove stories from
Facebook App. (Free)
Siliqua AirPods Gestures and New
Features. (Free)
WAAutoReply Make WhatsApp can auto
reply. ($5.00)
Contactifier See contact info in
Message Conversation (Free)
WAAutoReply AutoReply for whatsapp
messaging app ($5.00)
Siliqua Add features to Apple Airpods
with gesture (Free)
NoMoreStories Remove Stories from
facebook app (Free)
discreetVoiceMemos Customization from
voice memos app (Free)
AsBlock for Youtube Block ads on Youtube
app (Free)
I See Stars III (iOS 10) View ratings on
Music app (Free)
GoAway Change the “iPhone is disabled”
text to anything you like (Free)
StatusPeek 2 (iOS 10) Easily peek at the
status bar by swiping down the NC ($0.99)

Don’t Stop The Party! Apple Music during
resprings ($2.00)
ScreenshotBanners is a cydia tweak
that replaces screenshot with banners. (Free)
Share Anywhere Activator shortcuts
to show sharesheets/camera. (Free)
NotesCharacterCount is a cydia
tweak that display character length for notes. (Free)

TransparentWeather Transparent
Background for Weather App. (Free)
NoLockScreenCam is a cydia tweak
that disallows accessing camera from lock screen. (Free)
BetterMessages is a cydia tweak
that lets you change and add features to Message App. (Free) See Review
ColorComments Color level of
comments in Reddit/Narwhal app. (Free)
Brightify A light look-and-feel for
Spotify. (Free)
Chirp Wholesome reminders on your
lockscreen. (Free)
NoPaperLax Remove parallax effect
on wallpaper. (Free)
QuickNowPlaying Quick now playing
alerts. (Free)
RedditSafariVC Replaces Webkit
controller in Reddit app. (Free)
Confero 2 An awesome way to control
notifications. ($1.99) See Review
Springtomize 4 (iOS 10) Customize
your device like never before. ($3.99) See Review
WeatherLock Animated weather background
on the lockscreen. ($0.99)
UsageBarX (iOS 10) Mini effective
tweaks for the usage bar. (Free)
HUDPlayer Change the stock volume
HUD with banner. (Free in Xarold Repo)
EnhancedSwitcherClose More swipe
features for app switcher. (Free)
PowerCaller Boosts volume for a
specific caller. (Free)
ArtworkAnimations Animate native
music app’s artwork. (Free)
NoUpdatesAvailable Remove labels
from all icons. (Free)
CCNoFloating Control Center
animated like old CC. (Free)
PPTPFix Use native PPTP VPN on iOS
10. (Free)
ringUI Make Square some features of
the UI. (Free) See Review
CustomLockscreenDuration Customize
time for sleep on lockscreen. (Free)
Unicus LockScreen customization
tool. (Free)

YouTubeVolume Youtube Volume Bar
everywhere. (Free) See Review
Zeal Take control over your battery
alerts. ($1.99) See Review
MaskMe10 Manage your notification
by filtering out names and message content to custom text via specific
keywords. (Free)
CanYouLikeNot Stops auto-showing
passcode screen. (Free)
MailClientDefault10 Set a default
mail client to open. (Free)
NotifyCensored Censor notifications
details for some apps. (Free)
SafariEnhancer10 Useful and fun
features for safari iOS 10. (Free)
Defluxit Let your notification fade
away. (Free)
Safe Alarm 3 (iOS 10) Safe Alarm 3-
Volume, playlists, fade and much more. ($1.99)
WidgeficationX (iOS 10) Beautifully
customize the look of widgets/notifications. (Free)
Moose Change the color of text
selection. (Free)
BouncyNC10 Bounce effect for the NC
& more. (Free)
ColorKimcil 10 Customize color
Notification Center, Lockscreen, Data NC/LS and banner. (Free)
Delay Read Receipts (iOS 10) Don’t
send read receipt until typing a reply or sending the message. (Free)
SleekNotifications Minimal
notifications for iOS 10. (Free)
Cercube 4 Allows you to download audio and videos on iOS 10. Xarold Repo (Free) See Review

WiFi Top Toggle WiFi setting toggle
in the navigation bar. (Free)
BiggieSmallcc Make CC album art
bigger. (Free)
No Spotlight BG Mask Removes
background mask in spotlight. (Free)
BorderIcon+ Customize color of icon
borders, folder and badges. (Free) See Review

NoSpot10 Get rid of Spotlight on
iOS 10. (Free)
PulseHUD Replace the ugly vloume
HUD by a smooth pulse. (Free)
QuickPowerMode Tap Statusbar battery for
low power mode. (Free)
Acapella III (iOS 10) Elegant, gesture
based music controls. ($2.99)
DragMeDown (iOS 10) A highly advanced
multitasking tweak. (Free) See Review

FolderColor Customize your folder color.
iCaughtU Pro (iOS 10) Send location and
photo when wrong password entered. ($2.50) See Review
Kotak10 No bubble for Lockscreen, Force
Touch Notification center and more. (Free)
MinimalRedditSnoo A better looking
subreddit header. (Free)
MoonPhase Track phase of the moon in
status bar. ($0.99)
Pasithea 2 (iOS 10) Manage the iOS
pasteboard history. ($1.99)
StoreSwitcher Switch App Store accounts
easily. ($0.99)
Temporal World clock/timezones on
lockscreen. ($1.15)
3DColorChanger 10 Customize your 3D
Touch menu’s colors. ($0.99)
Build That Wall Turn off the spying
from that government. (Free)
PreferMyFi2 Prefer a priority for
your WiFi networks that allows you to pace 2 WiFi networks and make you connect
to the first one. (Free)
ShotBanner 10 A simple tweak that
presents options when a Screenshot is taken and replace Screenflash with
Notification Banner. (Free) See Review
Harp Uses different haptic gestures
to provide intuitive feedback when you control the music. (Free) See Review
Skinnyhud Make your HUD Panel
Minimalist. (Free) See Review
CCPlus Customize your iOS 10
Control Center. (Free) See Review
Enabled Ethernet Enable Ethernet in
Settings For iOS 10.2. (Free)
KB – NoPredictiveBackground Keyboard
Predictive No Background. (Free)
SiriSpotlight Prefix Spotlight
searches with Siri. (Free)
TapTap Statusbar Tap to manual show
or hide statusbar. (Free)
SpotifySwitches Flipswitches and
more for Spotify. (Free)
TouchUnlock Allow user interaction
during the unlock animation. (Free)
SpotifyCancelDoesCancel Cancel
automatically closes “Add to playlist” view. (Free)
Kaze Quick
Switcher and Hot Corners. (Free) See review
SpringChanger Change
colors of respring screen. (Free)
SnapSpoofer Spoof
your screenshot and view count for Snapchat. (Free)
SimpleLSiOS10 Simple
lockscreen for iOS 10 devices. (Free)
GeniusHelper Send
your tweak list to /r/jailbreak discord geniuses. (Free)
ClearBadges3DTouch10 3D
Touch shorcut to clear app badge. (Free)
BlurTouchClean Hide
Blur on 3D Touch Supported Devices. (Free)
Onizuka More
useful and beautiful Control Center. ($0.99) See review
HideMeX (iOS
 The Ultimate iOS Customizing Experience. ($2.99)
ColorFlow 3
(iOS 10)
 Colors the music UI to match the currently playing song’s album
network. ($1.99)
ColorBanners 2
(iOS 10)
 Color your notifications. ($0.99)
AlphaPaper Customize
dark overlay on Lock and Home screen. (Free)
3DSwitcher 2
(iOS 9 & 10)
 3D display modes for the app swicther.($1.99)
LockMusic Clean
design for lockscreen music player. ($0.99) See review
NougatShorcuts Customize
the style of 3D Touch shorcuts. (Free) See review
LockGlypX (iOS
 Themeable LockScreen Glyph. (Free)
FolderUsage Swipe
up folders to view disk usage. (Free)
ByeByeHUD Get
rid of the annoying stock Volume HUD! (Free)
DisplayDingTalkRevokedMessage Show
messages that revoked by someone. (Free)
SwipeToClearNotification 10 Clear
Notification with just one tap (Free)
NotifyMusic Show
notification on banner when a song is changed (Free)
CCWallCustomizer Change
the background of the Control Center on iOS 10+ (Free) See review
PerfectFit Force
apps to fit your screen (Free)
 Customize charging sound effect (Free)
Phone Tools Customize
toolbox for phone.app. (Free) See review
No Suggestions
 Remove the new suggestions/related pop up in youtube app. (Free)
Facebook Legacy
 Make Facebook UI back to legacy mode (Free)

Onion Peel
a layer off the control center. (Free)
ViewBatteryBold Tweak
for customizing batterybar. (Free)
SpringPlus All
round modification for your iDevice. (Free)
Spin (iOS 10) Circular
media controls on Lock-Screen ($0.99)
Nest10 Allows
devices to make folder inside folder (Free)
Custom Text (iOS10)
 Change the ” Home To Unlock” text to anything
you like. (Free)
Falcon A
powerful, dynamic lock screen and NC add-on ($1.49) See review
Add apps as pages in Control Center ($3.99) See review
9Folderz styled folder for iOS 10. (Free)
 Essential toolbox for Youtube app. (Free) See review
ReformX Springboard
customization tweak. (Free) See review
NougatFolder Android
Nougat style folder icons in iOS. (Free)
Eyeplugs Suppress
banners in apps. (Free)

Sonus is a beautiful looking replacement for the annoying stock volume hud. ($1.99)

NoWifiWhenRunThisPlz is a cydia tweak that lets you choose which apps should run only over cellular data that is it automatically disconnect from Wifi when launching specific applications. (Free)

AccessWithinApps is a cydia tweak that manage which apps can use control center and notification center. (Free)

ClearNotificationOneTapPlz is a cydia tweak that allows you to clear NC notifications with one tap. (Free)

NoClose is a cydia tweak that prompts before closing now playing application. (Free)

TranslucentMessages is a cydia tweak that adds a stunning new look to your messages and makes your messages app translucent and blurred. (Free)

MessageFilter is a cydia tweak that enables display weather on Lockscreen and Notification Center. (Free)

Calendar for Lockscreen 2 is a cydia tweak that displays upcoming events from your calendar and fully blends in with the existing lockscreen components both in looks and the functionality. ($1.99)

Camera Tools is a cydia tweak that brings a range of customization tools including a heavily made overhaul to the camera interface. (Free)

Low Power Modder is a cydia tweak that set a custom battery percentage to turn on Low Power Mode. (Free)

MakeRespringsGreatAgain is a cydia tweak that brings back the apple logo for resprings. (Free)

Mitsuha is a cydia tweak that brings the Jell-O wave effect for music app. (Free)

PassButtonStyle is a cydia tweak that brings different styles for the Passcode Buttons.(Free)

3DLight is a cydia tweak that makes it a white color and simple for notifications center and control center and 3D touch. (Free)

PickPocket 2 (iOS 10) is a powerful, full featured and higly customizable cydia tweak to protect you device against thieves. (Free)

Aerial is a cydia tweak that color your status bar indicators icons in beautiful way. (Free)

AntiSocial : Leave any group chat. (Free)

CustomTime+ 9(iOS 10/9) is a cydia tweak that lets you customize the time string in the status bar. (Free)

greenWifi is a cydia tweak that brings green control center Wifi toggle. (Free)

MusicMark is a cydia tweak that allows music app to remeber your song’s position. (Free)

NoMessengerDay is a cydia tweak that removes Day from FB messnger threads view. (Free)

Photo Tools is a customization toolbox for photos. (Free)

RecentCalls+ is a cydia tweak that lets you make your call log more fun and usable, also adds the search functionality. ($1.49)

SocialEnhancer10 is a cydia tweak that brings many sharing features for your socail apps. (Free)

SpotStationNoLikedSongsPlz is a cydia tweak that froce Spotify to play only new songs in stations. (Free)

NoLSPadLock is a cydia tweak that removes the PadLock from the LS status bar. (Free)

Appcon is a cydia tweak that allows you to set icon images from your photo library. ($1.99)

ColorMeBaddge is a cydia tweak that colorize your app badges using variety of colorization algorithms. (Free)

DoNotAnnoy is a cydia tweak that stops annoyance of multiple sound and vibration alerts on received notifications like he message above. ($1.99)

HapticScroll is a cydia tweak that brings haptic feedback when top/bottom scroll limit is reached. ($1.49)

Harbor (iOS 10) is a cydia tweak that brings OS X-style dock redesigned for touch screens. ($0.99)

iTouchSecure 10 : Touch ID Autofill everywhere
Telt X is a cydia tweak that brings a kiosk mode for Photos app. (Free)

Unify : Group your notifications by app at locakscreen/Notification Center
Noctis (iOS 10) : Dar Mode for iOS 10

More Cydia Tweaks released this month:
DisplayWeather 10 is a cydia tweak that enables display weather on Lockscreen and Notification Center. (Free)

Camera Mode 10 is a cydia tweak that activates Portrait Mode and all features from iPhone 7 Plus in any older iPhones running iOS 10. (Free) See Review

ControlMyCenter is a cydia tweak that changes the control center toggles. (Free)

FingerTouch is a cydia tweak that lets you use your Touch ID sensor as a gesture controller. (Free)

NoMusicLabel is a cydia tweak that hides/makes small the labels from music on Lockscreen. (Free)

SameStatusBar is a cydia tweak that changes your lockscreen statusbar and homescreen statusbar to the same size. (Free)

SmartVPN is a cydia tweak that auto start/close VPN for app list. (Free)

TGUnBlock is a cydia tweak that unblocks blocked channel on telegram. (Free)

CRSettings is a cydia tweak that enables custom image in your Reachability view. (Free)

RunMario is a cydia tweak that allows you to play SuperMarioRun on jailbreak device. (Free) See Review.

Telexplicit is a cydia tweak that disables telegram pornography/copyright checks for channel and groups in iOS. (Free)

App Percent is a cydia tweak that shows percentage and device notification when an app download is finished. (Free)

CCShadowRemover is a cydia tweak that removes the dark shadow above the CC. (Free)

CleanNotifications10 is a cydia tweak that gives notifications and widgets a cleaner look. (Free)

DizzyFolders is a cydia tweak that change folder opening animations on iOS. (Free)

Eclipse 4 (iOS 10) is a cydia tweak that brings system-wide Night Mode and more for iOS 10. (Free)

Faster Charging is a cydia tweak that allows you to charge your iPhone fast. (Free)

HapticKeyboard is a cydia tweak that enables taptic feedback for keyboard. (Free)

KillBackground10 is a cydia tweak that kills background apps with style for iOS 10. (Free)

NoSharePlz is a cydia tweak that removes iOS 10 share menu. (Free)

NoYoutubeDoubleTap is a cydia tweak that disables double tap gesture on the video player to skip forward/backward 10 seconds. (Free)

Safari Tools is a cydia tweak that customizes toolbox for safari. (Free)

SingleLineDate is a cydia tweak that makes the date in today view one line. (Free)

TapticPasscodeButtons is a cydia tweak that gives taptic feedback on passcode buttons. (Free)

CameraShy is a cydia tweak that brings the iOS camera grabber back in creative way by using the existing camera page indicator. (Free)

Gorgone is a cydia tweak that enables the splitview and slideover features. (Free)

NCNoPageBounce is a cydia tweak that disable the bounce effect on the notification center pages. (Free)

PureSkate is a cydia tweak that removes stickers from true skate skateparts. (Free)

Wormhole is a cydia tweak that brings some fun new force touch toggles to your control center on iOS 10. (Free)

CCNoPageBounce is a cydia tweak that disables the bounce effect in control center pages in iOS 10. (Free)

DarkMessages is a cydia tweak that adds dark mode for message app. (Free) See review

HideMeridiem is a cydia tweak that lets you hide AM and PM from the status bar. (Free)

Immortal is a cydia tweak that prevents the expiration of signed iOS apps. (Free)

SMSmileys is a cydia tweak that allows you to send the smile emoji by just typing the symbol :-). (Free)

SmoothKeyboard is a cydia tweak that gives you the visual option to make sleek and smoother the keyword on the homescreen. (Free)

TweetMuter is a timeline keyword mute filter for twitter app. (Free)

CCRecorder (iOS 10) is a cydia tweak that allows you to record your screen directly from your control center. (Free)

CCButtonActions is a cydia tweak that . (Free) adds 3D touch shorcuts to control center top bar. (Free

Circa is a cydia tweak that roundify your homescreen icons. (Free in Xarold Repo)

Horseshoe is a cydia tweak that changes the iOS 10 control widgets into one control center. (Free in Xarold Repo)

is a cydia tweak that applies a dark tint to app icon badges. (Free) 

Heart Throb is
a cydia tweak that double tap on pictures in the Photos app to add them to
favorite. (Free)
LargeCCKnobs is
a cydia tweak that enlarges the Control Center slider knobs in iOS 9. (Free)
Noctis9 is an
alternative cydia tweak to Eclipse for enabling dark mode in iOS 9. ($2.00)
Pyro is a
cydia tweak that (Free): brings new features to the iOS Tinder app. (Free)

ReachBoard is
a cydia tweak that displays your most recent clipboard content in the
Reachability view. (Free)

AntiTracker is a cydia tweak that
notify you immediately when tracked by others via FindMyFreinds and stores all
tracking records as well running in BackGround. (Free)

Quickify is a cydia tweak that
enables the Spotify save button in CC and LS. (Free)

Speak This Flipswitch is a cydia
tweak that adds toggle for Speak Selection option. (Free)

3D Touch Fliswitch is a cydia tweak
that enables flipswitch toggle for accessibility 3D Touch option.. (Free)

inspectorplus is a cydia tweak that
inspector any app’s UIWebView or WKWebview. (Free)

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Photicon is a cydia tweak that adds a dynamic icon for your photos app. (Free)

AdapticeColorAlerts is a cydia tweak that gives the visual option to color all the alerts basedn on the Wallpaper’s tint. (Free)

3D Touch Flipswitch is a cydia tweak that lets you fast toggling for 3D touch. (Free)

MultiActions is a
cydia tweak that allows you to delete multiple folders, apps at once.($1.49)

UnderSideBar is a cydia tweak that gives you the visual option to put down the statusbar on the top of the screen choosing from custom positions.

AntennaGIFDL is a
cydia tweak that lets you download GIFs and more features from Antenna. (Free)

NoTodayView (iOS 10) is a
cydia tweak that disable the today view in iOS 10. (Free)

Bkstg Plus is a cydia tweak that lets you save media from Bkstg. (Free)

is a cydia tweak that plays random song for your alarm. (Free)

NoHandwrittenMessage is a
cydia tweak that disable the handwritten message feature.

is a cydia tweak that hides your shy little dock below the screen and bring it back up whenever you need it. (Free)

Verified Badge For Instagram
is a cydia tweak that adds checkmark to your Instagram username. (Free)

Which one is
your favorite tweak?
To get all
these tweaks your device need to be jailbroken. If your device has not yet
jailbroken then follow this simple steps on How to Jailbreak iOS 9.2- 9.3.3 Using English version
of Pangu app and Cydia Impactor [Windows]