iOS 11 final release is yet to happen
but we have already tired the beta version and believe me it has tons of features
added to it. Apple only showcased some of major features of iOS 11 at WWDC
event. But in this article, we will be covering 80 new iOS 11 hidden features & changes for iPhone/iPad that
you may or may not know about.
We will be covering more than 80 new iOS 11 hidden features & changes for iPhone/iPad that you may or may not know about.
It is still in beta stage so the iOS 11 beta
is buggy and is slow at some point. But the iOS 11 beta version is full of features. Apple
might add many other hidden features and changes in iOS 11 on it’s final release. For now let’s
take a look at:
iOS 11 Hidden features for iPhone/iPad 
Lock Screen
  • Landscape Lockscreen
  • Slide up from lockscreen to see older
  • New animation when unlocking your iOS
  • New design on Passcode button
  • Tap Sleep/Wake button for five times to
    call Emergency SOS number
  • When you’re in
    an app, swipe down to see new, redesigned Notification Center that shows the
    current notifications and the Now Playing card.
  • To view all
    notifications, you need to swipe up through notification.

Home Screen

  • Classic Bar cellular signal look on the
    Status Bar instead of “Dots”
  • Change in battery icon
  • New animation when opening and closing
  • New animation on App Switcher
  • Move multiple apps at once. On wiggle
    mode, tap and hold an app and keep tapping the other apps that you want to
    move. Drop on a page you want to move. It will be moved at once.
  • No icon label on dock
  • Clear Spotlight Search Suggestions
  • A built in Dictionary on Spotlight
Control Center
  • Redesigned and Customizable Control
  • Screen Recording feature via Control
    Center (Check out here)
  • Apple TV remote on Control Center
  • 3D Flashlight Toggle to get 4 stages of brightness
    on Flashlight
  • Access Notes from the Lock Screen
General Settings
  • New Wallpapers
  • Added Dark Mode (Check out how to get Dark Mode on iOS 11)
  • “Shut Down” option added in General
  • Adjust notification preview for
    individual app
  • Apply different gestures like
    Play/Pause, Next/Previous Track to each of your Airpods. Click here to check How to skiptracks by double tapping in Airpods on iOS 11 
  • Removed signin for Facebook, Twitter,
    Flickr, Vimeo from the General settings
  • “Storage & iCloud Usage” is now
    renamed as “iPhone Storage”
  • New interface on Storage information
  • New Recommendations to Clear Storage
  • Shows last time when you used an
    particular app
  • Shows the estimated storage that the
    system is taking up on your iOS device
  • New Siri icon
  • New “Accounts & Passwords” Tab in
    Settings. Stores the passwords of all accounts used on your device
  • New “Emergency SOS” Tab on Settings
  • New Files app
  • Drag and Drop functionality for Files
  • Added an option to auto fill passwords
    for 3rd party apps
  • You cannot use Bluetooth and Airplane
    mode at once
  • Share Wifi Password easily and more Securely.
    Just hold your device to another device which is already connected to wifi and
    your device will be connected to without having to enter wifi Password
  • Dark Keyboard on Quick Reply interface
  • Support added for FLAC audio format in
    iOS 11
  • New “Type to Siri” option added on Siri
    Settings. You can type to get your work done instead of speaking to Siri
  • Siri can expression emotions to certain
    messages such as laugh
  • Settings for Siri will now sync across
    all your device via iCloud
  • New Airpod icon during phone call
  • New interface when deleting Passes
  • Set a timer for seconds in the clock app
  • New icon for calculator app and all new
  • New automation settings in Homekit
  • Camera shutter is added on Facetime call.
    Lets you quickly take live photos during calls
  • Scroll up/down with one finger in Maps
    app to zoom in/out
  • New Apple Pay interface
  • Pair devices with NFC function
  • Full screen effects on iMessage. 3D
    Touch the send button – go to Screen page
  • One handed keyboard. Tap and hold the
    emoji icon to access
  • Hide alerts for particular conversation
    in Message app. Swipe left on the conversation
  • Smooth scrolling in Safari
App Store
  • Apple pay prompt when buying an
    Application from the Appstore
  • 32 Bit Apps are no longer available on
  • New icons in App Store categories
  • Autoplays video on App Store
Notes App
Video App
  • New Video Player
  • New Volume HUD on Video Player
  • Easy Video scrubber on the bottom
  • GIF support to Stock Photos app
  • Renamed photo filters on Photos app
  • 1 new photo filter added
  • Photos and camera tab are now split into
    two on Settings
  • When sharing photos, there is a new
    option called “Create Watch Face” for Kaleidoscope Watch Face
  • Built in QR Code reader in stock camera
  • Changes in Carplay Navigation  
  • Carplay Typerace updated
  • Badges in the Message app for new
    Messages in Carplay
  • QuickeType Keyboard on iPad for easy
    accessing of symbols with a swipe down option
  • No wiggle effect while tapping and
    holding an app on iPad
  • One page widget view on iPad
  • No pausing of apps when multitasking on
  • New interface on Screenshot. Immediately
    tap it to edit
  • New vibration when plugged into charge
So these are the 80 new iOS 11 hidden features and changes that
we have known so far. We will be updating as many hidden features of iOS 11 as we can.
Keep on checking for
more tips & tricks, new & rumors and everything related to Apple.