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How to Reboot/Restart iPhone in iOS 11 using Assistive Touch

A new feature in iOS 11 Assistive Touch has a soft Restart button which easily lets you reboot your iPhone or iPad if you have a broken Power button.

That is you can now easily reboot iPhone in iOS 11 with Assistive Touch’s Soft Restart Button if power button is not functioning well or for any issues.

iOS 11 has a number of new features and changes in it. In addition, Apple has also added a new feature called Restart in iOS 11 Assistive Touch which instantly makes easy for user to reboot or restart their iPhone/iPad easily if it’s Power button is not working or some bugs occurs.

Assistive Touch is Virtual Touch Based menu that basically helps for those who have a broken hardware button on their devices. Assistive Touch can perform overall task with its quick shortcuts menu like Home, Volume, Brightness, Multitasking, Shake, Flashlight, Silent, Restart and many more.

Rebooting iPhone is necessary sometimes if there’s any bugs, app crashing issues occurs in iOS and to restart or reboot iPhone we need Power button and Home button/Volume button to restart or reboot our iPhone/iPad in any iOS till iOS 10.

But iOS 11 now feature a new Restart button in Assistive Touch for those users who have broken their power button or simply it is the shortcut way to reboot iPhone in iOS 11 without need to press the power button and Home button/Volume button respectively.

How to Reboot iPhone in iOS 11 with Assistive Touch’s Soft Restart Button

User with a broken Power button or in any issues can now reboot or restart iPhone/iPad with a new Restart Functionality button in Assistive Touch in iOS 11. To access new soft restart functionality simply go through this steps:

Go to Settings app >> General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > Toogle On the Switch

Now by default Restart button appears;

Press Assistive Touch from the side of Homescreen >> Device >> More >> Restart

How to Customize Assistive Touch’s Restart functionality in iOS 11 

If you find the default setting of new iOS 11 Restart functionality a bit hard and long, you can customize the Restart functionality or any other level menu you like in the first page of Assistive Touch.

Go to Settings app >> General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch

You can now easily reboot iPhone in iOS 11 with Assistive Touch's Soft Restart Button if power button is not functioning well or for any issues.Tap on Customize Top Level Menu tab

Now tap an any icon to add Restart function in Assistive Touch by selecting from the list.

With this way, you can quickly reboot or restart your iPhone/iPad in need in iOS 11.

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