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How to Snap Photo While Shooting Video at the same time on iPhone/iPad

Recording video is simple on iPhone but at the same time you want to take some photos while you are shooting video. iOS has a dual capturing functionality for users to
take both photo and shoot video simultaneously without stopping or pausing.
Previously in older iOS there was difficulty with the same option, you need to stop the video and snap photos in photo mode. Now you can shoot video and snap photo on iPhone
even you are in recording mode.
Here’s how to take photos and videos simultaneously

How to take photo while recording video on iPhone

This trick works on iOS 11,10. Those who are in lower iOS version like iOS 8 or 9 please
upgrade it to iOS 11(64 bit) or iOS 10.3.3 (32 bit).
## Launch the Camera app
## Swipe camera mode to Video
## Tap the red button to start recording video
## While recording video, you have notice the white shutter button on bottom left corner of the screen
Now you can shoot video and snap photo on iPhone even you are in recording mode.
## Now whenever you want to snap some photos while you are shooting video, simply tap on the white shutter button to take photo.
All the captured photos will have automatically added in the Camera roll.

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