Planning to buy a new iPhone X? Wait! You must know its
repair cost before buying it.
Apple has just updated its website regarding screen replacement
cost and repair cost for all iPhones and the cost are heart breaking. It will
cost you $279 to replace the iPhone X’s screen only and could cost you up to
$549 for other damages if it’s out of warranty coverage.

The iPhone X replacement cost is heart breaking.. might cost you up to $549 torepair your iPhone X
Note that this cost doesn’t apply for users who have
purchased AppleCare+ coverage for iPhone X. If you have an AppleCare+ coverage
then the charges are very low: its $29 for screen replacement and only $99 for
other damages. AppleCare+ is priced at $199 in the US which can be bought while
buying any iOS devices.
The cost mentioned above applies to US only. Let’s take a
look at repair charges in other countries:
Screen Repair – $359
Other Damage – $709
Screen Repair – $419
Other Damage – $819

Screen Repair – £286
Other Damage – £556
Screen Repair – €321
Other Damage – €611
What’s your thought on this?
iPhone X goes on pre order today and will be shipped starting
from November 3. The report claims that Apple is likely to sell only 20 million
iPhone X this year.