Apple launches a new iPhone X but has totally changed the way to launch or access or enable Control Center on it. 

Control Center on iPhone is one of the unique way to access
various shortcuts of iOS. The Control Center was one of the major feature added
on iOS 7 when launched back in 2013. You could just swipe up from the bottom of
the screen to access it. But with the time, it has now changed!

Here's how to access or launch Control Center on iPhone X (iPhone 10) in iOS 11. Enabling Control Center in iPhone X get little bit different.
The design and feature of Control Center has changed over
time. With every iOS, it had some changes in features and also in look. On iOS
7 and iOS 8, we had a one page Control Center with various awesome features –
on iOS 9 and 10 we had two page control center which had some addition in
feature and now in iOS the one page control center is back. It is now even more
redesigned and more customization.
But the way you access Control Center in iPhone X in iOS 11 get little
bit different. Swiping Up from the bottom of the screen now takes you to the
Home and App Switcher. So where has Apple shifted it Control Center in iPhone X? Many people were curious about
it and we have an answer: It has now moved on Top!

How to Enable Control Center on iPhone X (iPhone 10)

Yeah that’s right. To enable or launch Control Center on
iPhone X (iPhone 10) all you need to do is:

Swipe Down from the Top right corner of the Screen

Only the Top right part will work to launch Control Center in
iPhone X.
But it’s still the same in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Swipe
Up from the Bottom of the Screen and you’re in the Control Center.