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How to Identify if Your iPhone X has Qualcomm or Intel modem? Which is Faster?

Identifying the processor or modem of any iPhone is very easy. Here’s how to find out or identify whether your iPhone has a Qualcomm or Intel modem.

Various models iPhone X (Qualcomm Vs Intel);When using two iPhone X models with Qualcomm and Intel, I feel very smooth with high LTE speed on Qualcomm as compare with Intel.

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How to Identify Qualcomm or Intel modem in iPhone X

Apple uses two different processor chips (ie; Qualcomm & Intel) on iPhone X and iPhone 8 – 8 Plus models depending on the carrier and the entire market. So which modem performs faster? And how to identify if the iPhone is of Qualcomm or Intel modem? Let’s check;

How to Identify iPhone X with Qualcomm modem(Faster LTE)

iPhone X A1865 model: Apple uses the Qualcomm MDM9655 Snapdragon X16 LTE modem and are found in the A1865 model of different carriers (Verizon, Sprint) in the US, Australia, China, Hong Kong & New Zealand. Similarly, iPhone X A1902 model are made for Japan.

How to Identify iPhone X with Intel modem

iPhone X A1901 model: Apple uses the Intel XMM 7480 modem in the A1901 model for GSM carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile) in the US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Phillippines, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Argentina, Russia, and Mexico.

How to Find iPhone X Model Number in iOS 11 or later

There are two ways to find the iPhone X model number in iOS 11 or later.

Method 1:

Step 1: Go Settings

settings-iphoneStep 2: Tap GeneralStep 3: Tap AboutStep 4: Scroll down and tap on Model. It will show the actual model number of your iPhone X.Method 2:

Step 1: You can also find the model number of your iPhone X by navigating to Settings > About iphone-x-legalStep 2: Next tap on Legal > Regulatory.Step 3: You will find the model number of your iPhone X right at the top.

With this you can easily identify your iPhone X that have the faster Qualcomm LTE modem or Intel LTE modem.So go ahead and check your iPhone X modem.

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