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Download iOS 11.3.1 IPSW Links for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Here’s a iOS 11.3.1 IPSW download link for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With iOS 11.3.1 ipsw download, you can restore or update your iPhone/iPad manually via iTunes.

Apple surprisingly releases the new iOS 11.3.1 for iPhone/iPad to fix an Indian character crashing bug on iPhone when sending and Indian character through messages or messenger. Along with that, it fixes an issue where some third party apps could fail to connect to external accessories.

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iOS 11.3.1 has no new features rather than the bug fix. You can download and update iiOS 11.3.1 right from your iPhone/iPad via OTA software update settings>> general>>software update or through iTunes.

You can also update your iPhone/iPad to iOS 11.3.1 using iTunes. It will auto detect your device when connected your iOS device to iTunes via lightning USB cable, and pops up a notification to download the update. You can go through it and let install iOS 11.3.1 automatically.

For some how if you have network connectivity issue while downloading the iOS 11.3.1 via iTunes, then you need to update your iPhone/iPad manually with IPSW file below.

Download iOS 11.3.1 IPSW for iPhone:

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 5s GSM)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 5s GSM+CDMA)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 6 Plus)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 6)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 6s)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 6s Plus)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone SE)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 7 GSM+CDMA)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone X GSM+CDMA)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 7 GSM)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 7 Plus GSM)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 7 Plus GSM+CDMA)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 8 GSM)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 8 Plus GSM)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 8 GSM+CDMA)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone 8 Plus GSM+CDMA)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPhone X GSM)

Download iOS 11.3.1 IPSW for iPad:

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Air Wi-Fi)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Air Cellular)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Mini 2 Cellular)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Air China)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Mini 2 China)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Mini 3 Cellular)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Mini 3 China)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Air 2 Cellular)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Mini 4 Cellular)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Pro Wi-Fi)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Pro Cellular)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Pro 9.7 Wi-Fi)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad 5 Wi-Fi)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad 5 Cellular)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Pro 12.9 Wi-Fi 2nd Gen)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Pro 12.9 Cellular 2nd Gen)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Pro 10.5 Wi-Fi)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad Pro 10.5 Cellular)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad 6 Wi-Fi)

iOS 11.3.1 (iPad 6 Cellular)

Download iOS 11.3.1 IPSW for iPod Touch:

iOS 11.3.1 (iPod touch 6G)

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