iPhoneXI imangoss

Leaked renders have already given us an insight into the Max iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 and they don’t look that attractive. Apple follows the same trend in design as the iPhone X / XS series, with only a few minor tweaks in design. And that camera hump on the back looks at best uninspiring. What if Apple went like Samsung did with the Galaxy S10 with a horizontal camera setup on the iPhone 11?

As shows by designer Philip Goolkasian, an iPhone 11 with a horizontal camera setup on the back looks considerably better than the rectangular camera hump we saw on the iPhone 11 renders.

The horizontal setup would provide sufficient space for Apple to include not only three 12MP cameras but also additional useful sensors such as a floodlight and proximity sensor.

The design is reminiscent of the back of the Nexus 6P that had a similar camera setup. The camera’s visor glass looks very attractive and gives a very catchy look to the back compared to the hump of the rectangular camera.

The designer imagines the phone without any camera hump, though with the current technology, I don’t think that’s possible.

While Apple can launch an iPhone without humping a rear camera, it would mean using a smaller camera sensor that would, in turn, result in lower image quality. However, Apple can definitely launch an iPhone with a horizontal camera setup, although rearranging the internal components would probably require the company.

Perhaps for the iPhone 2020— which is expected to come with some significant changes, Apple will take some inspiration from the renders shown above and go with horizontal camera setup.

Via: YD