3D Touch Notifications is the best in class previewer for notifications on your Notification Center.
3D Touch Notifications

3D Touch Notifications is the best in class previewer for
notifications on your Notification Center. For those of you who didn’t know, 3D
Touch Notifications
is a jailbreak tweak which lets you to
preview the content of notifications (Calendar, FaceTime, Mail,
Messages, Phone and even Recents 2) on
Notification Center without launching the
actual app. And also it provides relevant preview actions for those
notifications, where you can interact with the sender (if any) of the
notification. If you want to open the associated app with the notification,
just press little harder on the notification will do the trick.

In addition to that, 3D Touch Notifications does work even on lock screen.
To preview on locks screen (not on Notification Center) just need press hard
(long press on below 6s devices) and just pull finger little up will pop the
previews in a 3D style (Peek and Pop).
If you have older devices without native 3d-touch capability, it requires RevealMenu tweak to use 3D Touch Notifications on your
devices. After installing this tweak, you can have more customisable option to
configure from settings app.

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3D Touch Notifications currently supports the following apps:
  • Calender with both peek and pop
  • FaceTime with both peek and pop
  • Mail with both peek and pop. Due to the data protection api restrictions,
    mail previews are not available when device is locked.
  • Message with both peek and pop
  • Phone with both peek and pop
  • Recents with both peek and pop

Note: To preview lockscreen notifications, you just need to press (hold) on
the notification and move your finger little up as in the screenshot above.

3D Touch Notifications is available in Cydia via BigBoss Repo for free and
is compatible with all devices running iOS 9 or later. To get this tweak, you
need to be jailbroken. Follow this step by step guide on How to jailbreak iOS9.0.2 using Pangu.