Apple Arcade Adds Five New Games

Apple Arcade lately adds five new games for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV:

  • Decoherence: 

  • A game that task players for building robots for a battle and plan for battle.

  • Stela: 

  • cinematic, atmospheric platformer witnessing the last days of mysterious ancient world about young woman.

  • INMOST: 

  • Three characters within one dark, the interconnecting story at atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer.

  • ShockRods: 

  • Vehicle-Based Arena shooters game where players obtain points by scoring goal, stealing other’s team’s flags and shootings opponents.

  • Mind Symphony: 

  • classic shoot-’em-up game focused on relaxation with both an intense, fast-pace mode and peaceful, rhythmic mode.

Apple Arcade is the new Apple game service provider for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac users which can be accessed with  $4.99 per month in the purchase. Apple Arcade now has a total of 61 games for Mac and 80 games for iOS and tvOS.