Apple Partner With Valve For AR Headset

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    Apple is recently partnering with Valve for it’s AR Headset. The Digitimes reports that Apple could release the AR Headset in the second half of 2020. Taiwan’s Quanta Computer and Pegatron will be collaborating with each other for the built of the AR headset. But previous reports say that Apple to collaborate with third-party brands.

    A release in the second half of 2020 does seem feasible as this is a schedule stated by Ming-Chi Kuo, a reputable Apple expert. Apple may be seeing the AR headset reveal at WWDC 2020. However, according to the report, Apple’s partnership with Valve will be on an AR headset as Valve is a successful company for AR Headset. Apple had already hired the human resources required for the AR software.

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    The main things that confirmed the release of AR Headset are the internal iOS 13 builds. 2020 will be a great year for Apple in terms of new product launches. The report says that the new AR glasses will be featured on the holographic display as well as sync with all iPhones to display for approaching notifications, texts, emails, maps, and more.

    Like the Apple watch, AR headset is considering to include the dedicate apps in the Apps Store. Apple may release a Killer app for that too.

    Are you waiting for the release of the AR Headset??

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