apple pencil alternative

Apple Pencil is expensive that cost $100 and works with some limited iPads only. What if I say, there is an stylus that works with any iPad, any Tablet and even iPhones? You must believe this cause, this stylus is only $6 and works just like Apple Pencil.

You can write, sign, draw with the help of this stylus on any tablets and any smartphones. Check out the review rating of over 4500 customers on Amazon.

From the product page:

  • Ultra-sensitive–Using the latest technology, this stylus is as responsive as your fingers.
  • Compatibility–Compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices, including iPad, iPhone and iPad Pro
  • Conveniently designed in pen form; includes lanyard cord, perfect for carrying around
  • Protection–Durable, soft tip protects your screen from scratches

Get now from Amazon

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