May18 , 2021

    Apple Ships iPhone 12 Cases with no Speaker Holes


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    With the launch of the new 2020 iPhone, Apple has shipped out some iPhone 12 cases that have no speaker holes.

    As was first reported by MacRumors today, it has been seen in few customers who have purchased an Apple case for the iPhone 12 are receiving defective accessories. As you can also see that the cases do not have speaker holes.

    There are a couple of posts on Reddit right now regarding the issue like;


    zarnold16 says, “My iPhone 12 Pro case came without speaker holes. Apple Advisor said that it shouldn’t, videos online show otherwise.”

    similarly, Natebaakko posted, “No speaker holes on new MagSafe case- I know someone else had this issue. This isn’t supposed to be this way, right?”

    So if you have purchased and if it is without holes in the speaker section then contact Apple Support or the Apple Store to have it replaced.

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