As reported Apple to Launch AR Headset, ARM-based Macs, Apple Watch with Sleep Tracking and More in 2020. Apple is looking to launch AR smart glasses in 2020. It could launch successfully if everything gets good remark during the testing of this product. As the company plans to release Apple watch with sleep tracking and ARM-based Macs next year as well.

2020 will be a great year for Apple in terms of new product launches. Besides the product mention, Apple will also launch 5G iPhones and shift all iPhones to OLED display. Apple is presently working on the ARkit and additional of TOF sensors in the phones that boost usability for the AR apps.

The report says that the new AR glasses will be featured on the holographic display as well as sync with all iPhones to display for approaching notifications, texts, emails, maps, and more. Like the Apple watch, AR headset is considering to include the dedicate apps in the Apps Store. As the test goes in the perfect way Apple will considerably release a Killer app for that.

As there is a rumor that Apple will be collaborating with third party brands in Q2 2020 to release an AR headset. For the Macs with ARM-based chips probably it will have better performance and longer battery life. So these are the products that Apple could release in the year 2020.