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Apple unveils the new iPhone SE, a powerful smartphone with an instantly recognizable appearance


As of today, Apple has unveiled the iPhone SE, a powerful new iPhone in a classic style with great features and performance at an incredible price.

The iPhone SE is small and robust, and it works well with iOS 15 to provide a smooth experience for the user. When it comes to performance, Apple’s A15 Bionic chip in the new iPhone SE enhances practically every aspect of the user experience, from photo editing to high-demand activities like gaming and augmented reality.

5G and increased battery life and durability are just some of the features that come standard with the iPhone SE. Pre-orders for the iPhone SE will begin on Friday, March 11, and the device will go on sale on Friday, March 18.

Apple’s iPhone 13 series gets a fresh green finish


Apple has unveiled two new gorgeous hues for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13, alpine green and green, respectively. The new iPhone 13 lineup features sleek designs made even more durable with the Ceramic Shield front cover containing the groundbreaking A15 Bionic chip, an improved 5G experience, cutting-edge camera systems for breathtaking photos and videos, and a significant increase in battery life.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 small have a bright Super Retina XDR display, while the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have a vibrant Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion, which adjusts the refresh rate from 10Hz to 120Hz.

Pre-orders for the new alpine green iPhone 13 Pro and green iPhone 13 will begin on Friday, March 11, with shipping beginning on Friday, March 18.

Can Mac Computers Get Viruses? Here’s What You Need to Know


Every system connected to the internet is vulnerable to getting affected by viruses. If your system is acting crazy, a virus might affect it. However, many people perceive that viruses cannot attack Mac computers.

Apple has created one of the safest Operating Systems, but you might be wrong if you perceive it to be safe. Many malicious viruses are designed to affect Mac computers, putting you into a frenzy. Read this article to find out everything about viruses affecting Mac computers.

How Do You Know If You Have Virus In Your System?

There are several ways to know that your system might have been affected by viruses. The best ways to identify viruses in your computer is when:

  1. Your system performs slowly while using or switching between apps.
  2. Your system overheats with minimum use.
  3. Applications launch and close automatically and refuse to quit.
  4. There are a lot of pop-up windows even if you aren’t browsing over the internet.
  5. You can hear voices from your system stating the existence of a virus.
  6. Your system freezes all of a sudden, and the cursor goes berserk.
  7. You see alerts popping up that say there’s a virus in your system.

Types of Mac Viruses

There is a large variety of Malware that can affect your system, and below are some of the malicious malware which one must be aware of:

Adware: Many times, you must have noticed while downloading movies or songs from unauthorized sites, there are a lot of ad pop-ups that say to clean your system as it has a virus. These are viruses that will show many unclosable ads in your browser. These ads also contain an app link to redirect you to a website. You should not click on them as they might attack your system.

Spyware: Spywares are often hard to trace as they hide in your system and go unnoticed for a longer period, waiting to steal your personal information and valuable data. You should be aware of spyware as they attempt to steal financial data to be used for infringement and fraud.

Ransomware: This malware will slow down the performance of your Mac and harass you with random pop-ups to lure you into fake services to get rid of a virus.

Trojan Horses: Trojan Horses are not technically viruses; however, they are one of the malicious malware that convinces you to download and install unnecessary apps that might slow down the performance of your system. Mac owners have come across phishing scams that ask users to download fake software called MacDefender, MacSecure software and others.

Search Baron- One of The Common Malware for Mac

Search Baron is a redirect virus that has its pros and cons. The good thing about the Search Baron is that it is non-destructive like other malware and can be detected easily. You will know when your system is affected by Search Baron when all your browsers will redirect you to searchbaron.com.

Search Baron disguises itself as a fake search engine, and all your queries lead you to Bing. In the meantime, you will be redirected to several other spammy websites that will spam you with numerous notifications. If you want to know how to remove Search Baron from your Mac, then click on https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-get-rid-of-search-baron-mac.

How Apple Makes Mac Computers Secure?

Your Mac is designed with significant tools to secure your system from getting attacked by malicious malware.


Apple scans the code for malware before approving any app from the App store and notarizes it for your use only if the results are good. This will prohibit un-notarized versions from being installed in your system. If your system recognizes an unnotarized application, it will halt the installation and notify the user about it.


Gatekeeper is a protective shield that will restrict the malware from negatively impacting your system. The software will restrict all new apps, installers and plug-ins until your system verifies them from authorized sources.

Gatekeeper asks if you are sure you want to open a certain app every time you try to install a new app. The notifications ensure that the malware can’t launch itself automatically without your approval.

Security Updates

The best way to protect your system from getting infected by viruses is to install the latest security updates as and when they appear. Whenever a new virus is detected in your system, Apple works to fix the issues that allowed the virus into your system, thereby strengthening the security.

You can check for the latest updates and use them to your advantage and stop worrying about any threats. These updates will keep you in sync with tools that will protect your system from getting hacked.


Owing to Apple’s built-in tools, most users don’t need any third-party apps for security. However, you have to be extra cautious while browsing the internet. It would be a good option for you to download authorized third-party software if you work with sensitive data daily.

These Top iPad and iPhone apps are now completely free for Today only

Looking for some new iPhone apps to download? Well, today is your lucky day! All of the paid iPhone and iPad apps on the App Store are free for today only.

This is a great way to fill up your iPhone or iPad with new apps, so make sure you take advantage of this offer while it lasts. And who knows, maybe some of these apps will become paid again after today. So get them while they’re still free!

Looking for some new iPhone apps to download? Well, today is your lucky day! All of the paid iPhone and iPad apps on the App Store are free for today only. This means that you can download any paid app without having to pay a cent.

Just head over to the App Store and start browsing through the list of paid apps that are now available for free. Once you find an app that you want, just click on the “download” button and it will be installed on your device.

Here are the top 2021 iPhone apps that have gone free list and are compatible with iOS 15, iOS 14 or below.

Paid iPhone Apps Gone Free Today

‎Photo Widget - Picture Widgets
‎Photo Widget - Picture Widgets


‎Epica 2 Pro – monster camera
‎Epica 2 Pro – monster camera


‎7 Minute TV Workout
‎7 Minute TV Workout
Developer: Roman Shevtsov
Price: $1.99


‎Remote Control • Pro
‎Remote Control • Pro
Developer: Evgeny Cherpak
Price: $9.99


‎Font Keyboard - Fonts Chat
‎Font Keyboard - Fonts Chat


‎Rollit - Photo Transfer App
‎Rollit - Photo Transfer App


Developer: Enrique Garcia
Price: $4.99+


‎Photo Formation
‎Photo Formation
Developer: JixiPix Software
Price: $9.99

Note: Not all of the iPhone App Gone Free will be paid at the time of posting. If you want to make sure that it is still free then you can download/purchase it before it goes back to full price. Good luck and enjoy!

Apple plans to use a hole punch display in its iPhone 14 Pro models in 2022


When iPhone first released the iPhone X design, many people commented on its bezel-less appearance.  Not long ago, Apple applied for a patent of “Electronic Device with Integrated Touch Display”. This patent describes an electronic device that consists of a screen and a touch.

Apple plans to adopt iPhone hole-punch display technology in the iPhone 14 series model. It is reported that Apple has patented this technology for iPhone hole-punch style, and it’s expected to be used on iPhone 14 iPhone Pro models.

Apple is expected to unveil two new iPhones with a hole-display, according to reports.
The two other models, the 6.06-inch iPhone and the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 will continue to have the notch as they did on the iPhone 13 series whereas Hole punch displays include a small hole at the top of the screen for the selfie camera instead of a notch, which enables for a full-screen experience.

How to use WhatsApp new Disappearing Messages feature


WhatsApp for iPhone has gained a new feature that allows users to set time limits for messages that will disappear after they are sent. The new feature is aimed at increasing privacy and security for users of the messaging app.

WhatsApp’s new Disappearing Messages feature is a great way to have private conversations with your friends. Here’s how to enable and use disappearing messages features on iPhone as well as Android smartphones:WhatsApp-disappearing-messages-feature

1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings.

2. Tap on Account, then tap on Privacy.

3. Under the heading “Message Retention,” tap on “Disappearing Messages.”

4. Toggle the switch to the ON and then choose how long you want your messages to be visible before disappearing. You can choose 24 hours and 90 days, as well as the existing option of 7 days.

Now, any messages you send will disappear after a set amount of time that you choose. The recipient will also need to have this feature enabled in order to see your messages disappear. Once enabled, any messages sent will disappear after the set amount of time expires.

This is a great way to keep your conversations private and secure. Enjoy! 🙂

The Black Friday AirPods Pro Deal is Back Again


Right now you can still get the Apple AirPods Pro at a great discount price, although the biggest sale of the year is over. For a limited time, Amazon is offering the all-new Apple AirPods Pro with a MagSafe charging case. For the first time, the price has been reduced to $197, a savings of $52 off the usual $249 price. The recently updated AirPods Pro adds ANC, a companion transparency mode, Spatial Audio support, and Hey Siri to the original pair of Apple’s premium earphones. The revised charging case, which has the same shape as before, will give you 24 hours of playtime and now supports MagSafe, Qi, and Lightning. For additional information, see our launch coverage, then scroll down for more.

Hurry Up! Take Apple M1 Chip 512GB MacBook Pro At $150 OFF Today!

Product Highlights:

Active Noise Cancellation blocks outside noise, so you can immerse yourself in music.

Transparency mode for hearing and interacting with the world around you.

Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking places sounds all around you.

Adaptive EQ automatically tunes the music to your ears.

Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customizable fit.

Force sensor lets you easily control your entertainment, answer or end calls, and more.

Sweat and water-resistant.

Apple AirTag and Accessories Now available in Amazon


Apple’s new innovative Apple AirTag tracker and accessories can now be ordered at Amazon.com.

One AirTag costs $29, a four package costs $99. Amazon says that the AirTag is released on the same day as Apple.com, April 30.

● Keep track of and find your items alongside friends and devices in the Find My app
● A simple one-tap setup instantly connects AirTag with your iPhone or iPad
● Play a sound on the built-in speaker to help find your things, or just ask Siri for help
● Precision Finding with Ultra-Wideband technology leads you right to your nearby AirTag (on select iPhone models)
● Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network
● Put AirTag into Lost Mode to be automatically notified when it’s detected in the Find My network
● All communication with the Find My network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy
● Location data and history are never stored on AirTag
● Replaceable battery lasts over a year
● AirTag is IP67 water and dust resistant

New Apple AirTag Loop – White

Apple AirTag and Accessories Now available in Amazon 1 Apple AirTag and Accessories Now available in Amazon Apple AirTag and Accessories Now available in Amazon


Get Now

New Apple AirTag Loop – Deep Navy

Apple AirTag and Accessories Now available in Amazon 2 Apple AirTag and Accessories Now available in Amazon Apple AirTag and Accessories Now available in Amazon

New Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag and Accessories Now available in Amazon 3 Apple AirTag and Accessories Now available in Amazon Apple AirTag and Accessories Now available in Amazon







Would it be Apple’s New AirPods Version 3?


New pictures of Apple’s next-generation AirPods 3 have reportedly been published online. The pictures were posted with LeaksApplePro and matches that have been leaked earlier today.

The original source of the pictures is not clear, but the design is consistent with recent rumors. Wireless charging may be supported in AirPods 3, but not in advanced features such as active noise cancelation or transparency mode.

On the 23rd of March, Apple could unveil the new AirPods. New 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pros and AirTags will also be released by the company.

New M1 MacBook Pro (512GB) On Sale for $1349.99 which is the lowest price ever


Apple’s new M1 MacBook Pro is currently on sale for $1349.99 with 512GB of storage. This is a $149.01 off-list discount and its lowest price ever.

The Apple M1 chip provides 13-inch MacBook Pro with unbelievable speed and power. With a capacity of up to 2.9x CPU. Up to 5 times the speed of graphics. Apple’s most advanced neural engine for machine learning up to 11 times quicker. The longest Mac to date, and up to 20 hours of battery life. It has been taken to a whole new level, Apple’s popular professional notebook is.

● The longest Mac 8-core CP UPC can handle workflows faster than ever before, with 8-core GPUs with a range of 5 times faster graphics than ever for advanced machine learning applications and games

● 16-core neural engine for advanced machine learning

● 8-core GPUs with up to 6x faster graphics for graphics-intensive apps and games

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AirPods Pro & AirPods 2 are offered at a discount rate. Don’t Miss it !


Wow! this is a piece of great news who are willing to buy AirPods. AirPods Pro is available for $189.99, while AirPods 2 with Charging Case is for $109.99.

That means you have saved $59.01 when buying an AirPods Pro compare to the regular retail price of $249.

AirPods Pro is designed to provide Active Noise Cancelation for immersive sound, transparency mode so that you can hear the surroundings and customize them to comfort all day long. Like AirPods, AirPods Pro magically connects to your iPhone or Apple Watch. And out of the case, they’re ready to use.

Whereas AirPods 2 with a retail price of $159 retail charging case, saves you $49.01.

Feature of AirPods:

  • Active cancellation of acoustic noise
  • Transparency mode to listen to and connect to the world around you
  • Three sizes of soft, customizable silicon tips
  • Resistant to sweat and water
  • Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music into your ear shape
  • Easy configuration for all Apple devices
  • Fast access to Siri with the words “Hey Siri”
  • The Wireless Charging Case provides battery life for over 24 hours.

AirPods provide a single charge for 5 hours and 3 hours of listening time. And they are kept up to date, thanks to a loading case that contains several charges for over 24 hours. Do you need a quick load? Only 15 minutes in the case allows you 3 or 2 hours of listening time.

Get it now!

AirPods 2

AirPods Pro

Should I Download The iOS 14.5 Public Beta 1 Ahead of its Final Release?

ios-14.5-beta-download (2)

Recently, Apple released an updated build of iOS 14.5 beta 1 for public testing. The greatest new modification of iOS 14.5 is Face ID support for Apple Watch with façade masks.

Besides that Apple also made some changes in Siri, support for new Xbox and PlayStation game controllers, App Tracking controls, AirPlay for Apple Fitness+, and 5G global Dual SIM support.

Since iOS 14.5 is in the testing phase, there might be lots of bugs or some incompatibility in the apps and after a fix, Apple pushes it to the public beta for testing and addressing the issue from normal users Apple releases the final update version for iPhone.

So what should you do when the beta version is released for developers or public users? Well, it depends upon how users are passionate about iPhone and its features. If you are curious to get the feature and test it on the beta version immediately, then you may go on downloading the updated version either the developer or public beta.

List of Devices That Support iOS 14.5 Public Beta

Here’s the full list of supported devices.

    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone 12 mini
    • iPhone 12 Pro
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max
    • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone 11 Pro
    • iPhone 11 Pro Max
    • iPhone Xs
    • iPhone Xs Max
    • iPhone XR
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 8 Plus
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 7 Plus
    • iPhone 6s
    • iPhone 6s Plus
    • iPhone SE (1st generation)
    • iPod Touch (7th Generation)

The developer beta of iOS is available for download to the registered developers only. The registered developer can install this beta from the developer account or can directly update via the OTA mechanism if they have already installed the previous beta from Settings >> General >> Software Update.

To get the developer account you need to join the Apple Developer Program, which includes a signup fee of $100 which can be quite costlier to all of the users. But it is possible to get the developer beta version without a developer account.

What? Is it true? How is it possible to download the developer beta on any iPhone without joining Apple Developer Program?

Yes! You can easily install the latest iOS 14.5 public beta profile on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch without a Developer Account or Computer but still because of the bugs we don’t recommend and try it at your own risk.

It is always better to wait for the final public version of iOS 14.5.

If you do not care about all these things, simply follow the below steps to install and update to iOS 14.5 beta right from your iPhone or iPad.

For this, you don’t need a developer account or any computer and it’s super easy and a public beta is available for free.

Before you begin, make sure to back up your data of your iPhone because you can restore it back when in need.

How to Download iOS 14.5 beta?

You need to Sign Up for Public Beta Testing Program first to download iOS 14.5 Public Beta on your device, which is as below:

  • Launch Safari on iPhone or iPad & Go to beta.apple.com
  • Tap Sign Up if you haven’t already


  • If you have already signed up earlier, tap on Sign In & Enter your Apple ID and password
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Tap the iOS tab & then tap “Enroll Your Device”
  • Scroll Down & tap Download profile
  • Tap Allow
  • It will redirect you to the iOS beta software profile in the Settings app. Tap on Install at the top right corner
  •  Enter Passcode – Install – Install – Restart

Now things are easy! It will now show iOS 14.5 beta Update in the Setting apps.

How to Install iOS 14.5 Public beta 

Note: Your device must have a 50% charge level or connected to a power source with a lightning cable.

Step 1: Now Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update. Tap Download and Install iOS 14.5 public beta on your iPhone/iPad as normal as you update via OTA.

Step 2: Enter your passcode. Agree on the terms & conditions.

Step 3: Seat back and relax for some time until it completes downloading. Next Tap on install.

That’s it. You have now iOS 14.5 public beta installed on your iPhone/iPad but it is always better to wait for the final public release of any iOS version.

So this is all guys! Hope you find it useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends too. 

Note: If you have already installed the beta profile, you can always go with the OTA update if the beta update is released.
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So this is all guys! Hope you find it useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

Can I hide my number when calling from iPhone?


You may not wish to disclose your number to a particular person for your own purposes. This would be advisable when calling people off of craigslist (or any unknown service operator), random delivery people, or a genuinely doubtful person, or simply when you are looking to keep your personal number private. Regardless of your purpose, there are some ways to make outgoing calls anonymously on the iPhone or making your number private on iPhone.

How to Disable caller ID when making a phone call on iPhone

Are you not able to turn off your caller id for outgoing calls or hide your number to someone else on your iPhone? Well here is a short tip to hide caller ID for all the iPhone calls via Settings. Hiding caller iD works on iOS 14, 13, 12, or below.
  1. Launch the Settings app, Scroll down, and tap Phone.
  2. Tap Show My Caller ID.
  3. Toggle off the switch for Show My Caller ID.Hide caller ID for all calls via iPhone settings

Notes: If you can not disable it, that means your carrier does not support it.

This tip works in the United States with AT&T services and for Sprint and Verizon you need to do this step.

Hiding Caller ID For Verizon

  • Sign in to your carrier account.
  • Next, under Block Services or Additional Services, you will find the Caller ID option.
  • You can hide it.


Hiding Caller ID For Sprint

  • Sign in to your carrier account.
  • Next, choose your phone, click on Change my service > Setup your phone > Block Caller ID.

Hiding Caller ID For AT&T and T-Mobile

  • It allows using the code and the option to hide the Caller ID from the iPhone Settings app.

If you want to revert the caller ID again, follow the above same process to turn on Show My Caller ID.

What if you don’t want to hide for all the calls? Well, there is also a simple trick to hide the caller id on a call basis.

How to Hide caller ID on iPhone on a per-call basis using Dial Pad 

Several countries allow you to hide your caller ID using the dial pad with a shortcode and for most of the United States carriers is *67. For other US carriers like in several European countries and other countries like Australia, South Africa, Canada,  dialing the code #31# hide the caller id on iPhone. Similarly for South Korea, it is *23#.

Here’s how to use it to hide the phone number when making a call using a dial pad

  1. Open the Phone app and tap on Keypad.
  2. Enter *67 or the appropriate shortcode and enter your required number.

Hide your caller ID on a per-call basis

Note: If you have saved the contact number then copy the number and paste it into the dial pad with the shortcode. You can also find the shortcode of other countries here.

3.Now tap on the phone icon to start the call. Making a call will not allow other people will not see your Called ID.

How to modify iPhone Keyboard on iPhone

What is Screen Time Feature on iPhone

Apple M1 MacBook Pro is $60 Off. Grab it Now!


The new M1 MacBook Pro is on sale today for $60 off! This drops the price from $1299 to $1249.

The Apple M1 chip gives the MacBook Pro 13-inch speed and power beyond belief. With CPU performance up to 2.8x. Up to 5x the speed of graphics. Apple’s most advanced neural engine for machine training up to 11 times faster. Battery life is up to 20 hours – the longest Mac to date. It’s the most popular pro notebook of Apple, taken to a completely new level.


● M1 chip designed by Apple to achieve a huge jump in CPU, GPU and machine performance.
● Get more done with the longest battery life ever on a Mac for up to 20 hours
● 8-core CPU delivers up to 2.8 times faster performance to workflows faster than ever.
● 8-core GPU for apps and games with up to 5 times faster graphics
● 16-core, advanced machine learning Neural Engine
● 8GB of unified memory so all you do is quick and fluid.
● Superfast SSD storage starts apps and instantly opens files
● The active cooling system performs unbelievably well
● 13,3-inch Retina display with 500 nits of brightness and amazing picture detail
● Advanced image signal processor, FaceTime HD camera for clearer, sharper video calls

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The popular Power adapter Amazon’s 20W USB-C for iPhone 12 Today at low price


The Amazon JSAUX 20W iPhone 12 Fast Charger is currently offered for $7 when you have clipped a coupon on your website and use the EGO99ONG discount code on your checkout. The offer saves $10 off the normal cost today usually $17.

You can load iPhone, iPad, or other USB C devices with USB C PD 3.0 port which supports a 20W power USB power supply to load them quickly at full speed.

The size of a 20W USB c wall loader is the smallest, even less than a 5W power adaptor. With a foldable plug design, save your bag as much as possible.


You’re both able to control your phone and battery with this 20W PD charger. Smartly adjust the input power of your phone, avoid overcharging, overheat and maximize battery life.

The USB-C JSAUX20W Wall Charger is compatible with PD 3.0, PC 1.2 and AP 2.4 quick loading for most phones, which can quickly load up to 20w. Compatible with Max/XR/Samsung S20/S10/S10+/Air 3 10.5″/iPad Mini 5th Generation/Samsung Galaxy S10+/Notes 20 10 9, Google Pixel 4 XL/4/3/3/2 xl/2, Nexus 5/6P, LG G5 and more!

View Product

Apple’s New ‘AirPods Max’ Over-Ear Headphones is here for just $549


Apple officially unveiled ‘AirPods Max,’ the long-awaited headphones of the company with an over-ear design and a strong sound.

For an advanced listening experience, AirPods Max combines customized acoustic design, high-quality chips, and state-of-the-art computer audio software with Adaptive EQ, Active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and space audio. The AirPods Max is available for orders starting today, with a range of 5 magnificent colors, including gray, silver, sky blue, green, and pink, starting from Tuesday, December 15.

Availability and price

● AirPods Max will be available from apple.com and from the Apple Store app in the USA and over 25 other countries and regions to order for $549 (US) today. On Tuesday 15 December, AirPods Max will start shipping.

● AirPods Max requires Apple iOS 14.3 or later, iPadOS 14.3 or later, macOS Big Sur 11.1 or later; watchOS 7.2 or later.

For more details here

How to Update Apps on iPhone or iPad in iOS 14, 13 and below


Here are simple tips on updating any apps on the iPhone and iPad. Updating apps is sometimes very good as we can see a lot more features with bug fixes and improvements. Apps may crashes and or causing compatibility issues or bugs, therefore we recommend you to update an app to its latest version.

Apple is updating its iOS/iPad OS version to fix the bug, includes various features, and improvements to make an iPhone smart and good user experience. So same as that, the third-party apps also has many updates which we may require on our iPhone or iPad.

How to Update Apps on an iPhone or iPad?

There are two ways to update an app on an iPhone or iPad. One is the manual app update and the other is the automatic app update. You can choose any of them.

But in my experience, updating an iPhone app automatically might create a problem which in turn causes an app crash, bugs, or compatibility issue. So before you update an app, you must check your requirement or needy features or maybe bug fix, etc rather an updating app unknowingly.

How to Manually Update Apps on iPhone and iPad

In iOS 14 & 13, the App Store has been redesigned and the ‘Updates’ tab has been switch to the profile icon and the new Arcade option is available. However, the process is simple and very similar to the previous one. There are two manual processes for updating apps on iOS 14 and iOS 13.

How to Update apps manually in iOS 14 and 13

  1. Simply long-press on the App Store icon (Previously 3D Touch) from Home Screen or App Library
  2. It will show up many options, Choose Updates.
  3. Next tap on Update All if you like to update all the apps or manually tap on UPDATE for individual apps.

How to Update apps manually in iOS 14 and 13

Similarly, if you are using the App Store to find some of your favorite apps then you can also update apps manually right from your profile picture. you may also open the App Store and tap on your profile picture from the top right.

Here like as above, tap on Update All if you like to update all the apps or manually tap on UPDATE for individual apps.


Notes: If there are no updates or you want the apps to be updated then pull down the update screen to refresh the available app updates.

How to Manually Update an Apps in iOS 12 or below

The process is somehow like similar but in iOS 12 you will notice an Updates tab instead of the Arcade tab. So,

  1. Launch the App Store and tap on the Updates tab
  2. Tap on Update All if you like to update all the apps or manually tap on UPDATE for individual apps.


How to Automatically Update Apps on iPhone and iPad running iOS 14 or below

Automatic app updates are the same for all iPhone and iPad running iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12, or below.

  1. Go to the Setting app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the App Store.
  3. Under AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS, toggle on the App Updates to green.
  4. Also if you have enough mobile data and want to update apps automatically when in Wifi or in Cellular Data then you can toggle on the Automatic Downloads option to green under Mobile Data section.

Scroll down and tap on the App Store. Under AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS, toggle on the App Updates to green.

This is all the option for updating iPhone apps or iPad apps on iOS 14 or below. Hope it helpful for you.

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Apple’s HomePod Has Been Jailbroken After So Long

homepod has been jailbroken

The HomePod was now jailbroken by the checkra1n team over two years after its release. This is the first jailbreak in the world for the smart speaker powered by Siri.

HomePod was jailbroken by checkra1n and posted on Twitter with @ L1ngL1ng_. The terminal window was pictured showing root access via SSH on the HomePod.

Hello Homepod, meet checkra1n.

Huge thanks to @DanyL931 for helping to get this running. pic.twitter.com/FjH7253RFR

— L1ngL1ng (@_L1ngL1ng_) November 19, 2020

It is currently unclear how to jailbreak your HomePod with checkra1n because the steps are not detailed. The advantages of breaking the HomePod are not as clear as ever. This opens the door for many possibilities, including using the HomePod as a traditional Bluetooth speaker to match other non-iOS devices and much more.

iPhone 12 Users Should Download iOS 14.2.1 Now


Apple has released iOS 14.2.1 with several bug fixes and improvements for the new 5G iPhone 12/Pro/Max/mini.

New in iOS 14

Talking about the new features, Apple added for organizing all apps that is iOS 14 has a new App Library view where Apps are organized automatically in the App Library, and not all icons have to be kept on your actual home screen view.

Along with that, Apple added new widgets and now supports picture-in-picture like in iPad. Likewise, Siri has a new interface, not overcoming the whole screen.

Apple also added som many features like Translate app, advanced CarPlay, Inline replies, EV routing, Cycling direction, Emojis etc.

What is the fixes?

● Certain MMS messages may not get

● Hearing devices made for iPhone might have problems of sound quality when listening to iPhone audio

● Lock Screen could become unresponsive on iPhone 12 mini

All of these issues have been subject to numerous complaints. Users had problems swiping from the locker screen bottom or pressed the flashlight or camera buttons in €12 mini for +32 iPhone 12 mini.

The missing text messages mainly affected the iPhone users who talked to Android users in group chats, and the bug caused Android text messages not to appear in the chat.

Apple did not admit these problems, but the third issue was supported by a document that caused some Made for THINS to experience unexpected noises, such as loud and intermittent audio. Apple was unable to identify these problems.

Please visit this website for information concerning the security contents of Apple software updates: https:/apple.com/kb/HT2010222

Downloading iOS 14.2.1

Go to Settings > General > Software update > Download and install the latest version

If you are not able to download via OTA (over the air) then you can update it by connecting your iPhone to your computer via iTunes in Windows and Finder on the Mac and hit the update button.

Compatible devices for iOS 14

How to quickly Scroll down Page on iPhone and iPad [Tips](Opens in a new browser tab)

New M1 13″ MacBook Pro Deal ! Amazon Discounts for the first time


For the first time, Amazon has been able to discount the M1 chip for Apple’s new 13″ MacBook Pro. The site reduced the notebook price from $1,299 to $12,49.99 with 256GB of storage, saving $49.01. The storage model with 512GB is also off $1499 to $1449.99, also $49.01.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is the Apple M1 chip with incredible speed and power. CPU performance of up to 2.8x. Graphics velocity up to 5x. The most advanced neural engine for Apple for machine study up to 11 times faster. And the longest Mac ever to date, up to 20 hours battery life. It has been taken to a new level and is Apples’ most popular pro notebook.


● M1 chip designed for an enormous leap in the performance of CPU, GPU and machine learning
● Make more of the longest battery life ever in Mac up to 20 hours
● 8-core CPU delivers up to 2.8 times faster workflows than ever before
● GPU with graphics-intensive apps and games with up to 5x faster graphics
● 16-core advanced machine learning neural engine
● 8GB of unified storage for fast and fluid everything you do
● Superfast SSD storage launches applications and immediately opens files
● The active cooling system performs amazingly well.
● 13.3-inch Retina 500 nit luminosity display for vivid colors and unbelievable image detail
● FaceTime HD camera for clarifying, sharper video calls with advanced image signal processor.

Grab the deal

Apple Is Testing To Release Folding iPhones For 2022


According to a new UDN report, Apple is testing a design for a foldable iPhone that could be released as soon as 2022. If correct, Apple will release an important update on its iPhone design only two years after the release of its 5G iPhone 12.

According to foreign reports, Apple assesses the use of OLED or micro-LEDs for the first foldable iPhone screen as these two screens affect subsequent assembly processes, which differ quite considerably. In September 2022, the first foldable iPhone is scheduled to be released.

It was said that Apple is now testing key components, including the display and folding mechanism. Samsung will supply the display panel and a number of suppliers are lined up. Probably Foxconn will handle the assembly.

In the past, there were about 20 000 to 30 000 laptop coating folding tests and up to 50 000 for better specifications. Mobile phone testing takes over 100,000 times, however and the requirements are tougher. The first foldable iPhone uses coatings and depends on Taiwanese producers like Nippon Nippon’s energy research and development that worked with Apple in the notebook industry.


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