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Rumor: iPhone SE 2 to come with Glass Back for Wireless Charging

iphone se 2 rumor

Apple’s cheaper iPhone SE 2 is coming somewhere in near March with boost in speed and one feature from iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It is said that the updated iPhone SE will feature a glass back just like from iPhone 8 and iPhone X for Wireless Charging support.

As per report from Sachin Bhatt, the iPhone SE 2 will adapt the glass back from iPhone X, writes on tekz24.com. The original iPhone SE features an aluminum back with glass on top and bottom.

Apple recently switched to glass back on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the high end iPhone X to support wireless charging. Now the same feature is going to be integrated in small 4 inch handset that will give an clean visual look as well as a great wireless charging feature in small form factor.

Also the iPhone SE 2 will have improved hardware upgrades like A10 chip from iPhone 7 with upgrades in RAM. Let’s see what the new iPhone SE has to offer and what new changes does it make to make it best selling device in cheaper price point.

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Via: 9to5mac

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Apple releases iOS 11.2.2 with Security Update & more

Apple releases iOS 11.2.2(Build number 15C202) with a security update for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
iOS 11.2.2 comes with more than 1GB of size which is recommend to download for all iOS users. This update is available from iPhone 5S or later and iPad Air or later and iPod touch 6th Generation. It basically includes the security improvements to Safari and WebKit to mitigate the effects of Spectre (CV-2017-5753 andCV-2017-5715).

iOS 11.2.2 download

iOS 11.2.2 is available for download on iPhone – iPad and iPod touch via OTA over-the-air from iOS settings app through Settings >> General >> Software Update >> Download & Install or you can also install and update using iTunes too with direct or manually method. If you want to manually install via iTunes then you need to download IPSW file from our download page.

How to install iOS 11.2.1 on iPhone

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New Released Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10.3.3/10.3/10.2/10.2.1/10 this weekend


What’s up guys! Check out some new released cydia tweaks for iOS 10.3.3/10.3/10.2/10.2.1/10.2/10.1.1/10 and 9 jailbroken devices this weekend.We are so excited, When new tweaks are released in cydia, but due to lack of time management we don’t get much time to look at all cydia tweaks.

Trying all of them is time consuming. Some tweaks don’t work properly because of incompatibility which may result in creating problem and crash your devices.

So here we come up with “Weekly Release Tweaks” compatible with iOS 10.3.3/10.3/10.2.1/10.2/10.1.1 & below for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. These all tweaks are just tested & work fine and are available in Cydia via BigBoss.

New Released Cydia Tweaks

  • Force3DAppShortcuts – FREE
  • SpotifyHistory – FREE
  • NCAlwaysChevron – Free
  • FarewellGestureWaze – Free
  • No3DTouchWidgets – Free
  • NotificationsHeaderCustomText – Free
  • NotificationXI – Free
  • Specbreak – Free
  • DuoNolingoSpeech – Free
  • VKHelper – Free
  • PrivateMessage – Free
  • Medusafied – Free
  • Spodinhancer – $0.99
  • TrueBackground – $1.99
  • YTConnect – Free
  • LockWatch Beta – Free
  • PhotosLock – Free
  • Snoverlay – Free
  • BetterPowerMenu – Free
  • Carrier Search Always – Free
  • FarewellGestureWaze – Free
  • iPad Cam for iPhone (iOS 10) – Free
  • Erie – Free
  • ScrollBack – Free
  • Signal – Free
  • DopeSettings – Free
  • KillinAppsScreenshot – Free
  • MaskYOOXPreviews – Free
  • sysnet – Free
  • WeChatLock _ Free
  • Maize – $3.00
  • Translucency Infinity – Free
  • BBMEasy – Free
  • FakeHaptivator – Free
  • SportCheater – Free
  • ByeExtrajetControls – Free
  • Cydlight – Free
  • Instagram Down Image – Free
  • ShyInstaShot – Free
  • System Info – Free
  • UnsplashWalls – Free
  • BounceReachability – Free
  • Drago – Free
  • KeyFunctions – Free
  • Reduce White Point Flipswitch – Free
  • TinyContactView – Free
  • BounceReachability – Free
  • HapticTwitter – Free
  • Stylish – Free
  • HDFC jailbreak detection bypass – Free
  • NoSpotiScreenShot – Free
  • StripNumberPad – Free
  • TextyClock Lite – Free
  • MicroPlayer – $1.49
  • Vision – $2.99 – Free
  • ApolloJustCompatible – Free
  • LivelyClock – Free
  • Simple Timer (iOS 10) – $0.99
  • Simple WorldClock – Free
  • TelegramNoSecret – Free
  • Tez poMyre – Free
  • TinyContactView – Free
  • ZeTime Goodies – Free

Previous Cydia tweaks you might have missed

  • DarkAppleStore – Free
  • SCFilterMover – Free
  • AdaptiveLabels-Free
  • Citrix Receiver Unblock – Free
  • Disabled Big Emoji For WhatsApp – Free
  • sleekCompassView – Free
  • SwitcherXI – Free
  • Tooth – $1.00
  • HideReminderSearchView – Free
  • iPAd Support for Whatsapp – Free
  • UpsideBoard – Free
  • NotificationCenterXI – $1.00
  • switcherRadii – Free
  • WA Delete Message – Free
  • iPhone Cam for iPad – Free
  • ABetterPrivacyforWhatsApp – Free
  • DenyPhotoAlbums – Free
  • FYA Hack FB -$1.99
  • iPadFeatures – Free
  • MusicSmallerAlertsPlz – Free
  • NoHistory for Spotify – Free
  • NowPlayingHUD – Free
  • TextyClock – $1.50
  • Dock+ for iPad – $2.19

Which one is your favorite Cydia tweak?

To get all these tweaks your device need to be jailbroken. If your device has not yet jailbroken then follow this simple steps on How to Jailbreak iOS 9.2- 9.3.3 Using English version of Pangu app and Cydia Impactor [Windows]

& if you are on iOS 10 and has not yet jailbroken then follow this simple steps on How to Jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 Using Yalu app and Cydia Impactor [Windows]

How to Jailbreak iOS 10.2 using Yalu and Cydia Impactor

How to Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

CCSettings: Lets you add custom toggles to Control Center for quick access.


As we all know Apple is always behind in adding features to its iOS devices. The iOS 7 included tons of features. But again it failed to provide additional features to the control centre. As we all know, there are only 5 toggles(airplane mode, wifi, Bluetooth, do not disturb and a orientation lock) that are available in Control Center.

But the most important feature like cellular data, location service, reboot, restart were absent. Again we have to got to the settings to access them all which is a bit annoying. But there is no thing to worry when we have a jailbreak. A very popular tweak is available in cydia “CCSettings” that allows you to add as many toggles as you want.

CCSettings is one of the most popular and useful Cydia tweaks for Control Center. The tweak was first introduced for iOS 7 where users were able to add additional toggles to their device’s Control Center and rearrange them according to their preference for
quick access. Now this tweak also supports iOS 8 and iOS 9 for iPhone 4 and higher.

CCSettings include all the default toggles plus cellular data, 3G, location services, home, lock, kill background, mute, vibrate, auto lock, personal hotspot, VPN, respring, reboot and more.

It is very easy to add or remove toggles from Settings also you can drag and drop options you want add to the include section and move the rest to ‘Do Not Include’.

There are only 5 toggles(airplane mode, wifi, Bluetooth, donot disturb and a orientation lock) that are available in Control Center, so with this tweak you can add as many toggles as you want with this tweak called CCSettings.

Compatible with iOS 7 or Higher..

CCSettings for iOS 8  and iOS 9 is available Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free. If you are on iOS 7 then you can download CCSettings for iOS 7, which is also available for free.

Installing Cydia Tweaks

To install the Cydia tweaks, simply open Cydia – Tap on Search and type the name of the Cydia tweak that you want to install and Tap install. That’s it!

Note: Respring your device every time you install new tweaks. The tweaks may not work properly if you do not respring or reboot your device.

These tweaks can be downloaded via BigBoss repo. Some may cost a couple of dollar and some are free. You will love this tweak.


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