We have compiled a compatible list of best Cydia sources for iOS 13-13.5 that supports the iPhone and iPad.

Recently the new jailbreak tool called Checkra1n & Unc0ver are available for jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 – iOS 13.5.  So jailbreaking iPhone is not the solution, you need to download the iOS 13 compatible tweaks from various Cydia source or repository for more enhancement & modification.

Cydia is an open, decentralized platform that allows you to install independent repository software paquets, also known as sources or repositories.

CYDIA includes numerous addition-ons for Action Menu, Cyget, FontSwap, Notification Center, Siri, Zepplin and Colored Keyboard. You can also personalize your devices by setting up tweaks, topics, wallpapers, widgets, ringtones, etc.

However, you are free to add un-trusted third party sources but you have to add at your own risk. So besides these Cydia’s default repos, there are many more Cydia sources/repos compatible with iOS 13-13.5 jailbreak. Let us have a look at popular and best 2020 Cydia sources/repos for jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which includes millions of tweaks, themes, Add-ons, Utilities, development & much more that are available for free.

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Cydia includes BigBoss Cydia/Telesphoreo, ModMyi, and ZodTTD & MacCiti in the Cydia sources section of the Cydia. But to get more updated jailbreak tweaks you need to check the below-listed best iOS 13 Cydia sources and repos in 2020.

Best Cydia Sources for iOS 13-13.5 

1 PETERPRD https://peterprd.github.io/nightly/
2 CYDIAGEEK http://cydiageek.yourepo.com/
3 MDAUS http://mdaus.ch/repo/
4 D4NI https://repo.d4ni.nl/
5 FNCXPRO https://fncxpro.github.io/
6 RYLEYANGUS https://ryleyangus.com/repo/
7 JUNESIPHONE http://junesiphone.com/supersecret/
8 WILLIAMMUFF https://williammuff.github.io/repo/
9 RAMENREPO https://ramenrepo.github.io/
10 COKEPOKES http://cokepokes.github.io/
11 TATEU http://tateu.net/repo/
12 JULIOVERNE http://julioverne.github.io/
13 UNLIMAPPS http://beta.unlimapps.com/
14 SHADE-ZEPHERI https://shade-zepheri.github.io/
15 LEROY https://leroy-b.github.io/home/repo/
16 C1D3R http://c1d3r.com/repo/
17 DYNASTIC https://repo.dynastic.co/
18 MIDKIN https://repo.midkin.net/
19 DEV4I http://dev4i.yourepo.com/
20 DANSTAFACE http://deb.danstaface.net/
21 JULIO.XAROLD http://julio.xarold.com/
22 MPG13 https://mpg13.github.io/repo/
23 XENPUBLIC http://xenpublic.incendo.ws/
24 LONESTARX https://repo.lonestarx.net/
25 SUBDIOX http://subdiox.com/cydia/
26 CREATURESURVIVE https://creaturesurvive.github.io/
27 LAUGHINGQUOLL http://beta.laughingquoll.net/repo/
28 ALFHAILY https://apt.alfhaily.me/
29 ANGELXWIND https://cydia.angelxwind.net/
30 BIGBOSS http://apt.thebigboss.org
31 BITEYOURAPPLE http://repo.biteyourapple.net
32 COOLSTAR http://coolstar.org/publicrepo/
33 CPDIGITALDARKROOM https://repo.cpdigitaldarkroom.com/
34 CPDIGITALDARKROOM https://beta.cpdigitaldarkroom.com/
35 GETDELTACO http://getdelta.co/
36 GITHUB https://midnightchip.github.io/repo/
37 HBANG https://cydia.hbang.ws/
38 XSELLIZE http://cydia.xsellize.com
39 IBSOFT https://ibsoft.net/cydia/
40 ICHITASO http://cydia.ichitaso.com/
41 IHACKS http://ihacksrepo.com
42 LIMNEOS http://limneos.net/repo/
43 NULLPIXEL http://repo.nullpixel.uk/
44 PACKIXCOM https://repo.packix.com/
45 RPETRICH http://rpetri.ch/repo/
46 RYAN PETRICHÕS http://rpetri.ch/repo
47 SINFULIPHONE http://sinfuliphonerepo.com






How to Add Cydia sources/repository on iOS 13  – 13.5

Step 1. Open up Cydia from the Homescreen

Step 2. Go to Sources section

Step 3. On the upper right corner Tap Edit and then Add your favorite repo link

Installing Cydia Sources

Step 4. After you added a Cydia/APT URL that is a source/repo URL, Tap Add Source.

Step 5. It will now process to install all the packages and after completion tap on Return to Cydia.

That’s it. You have successfully added some of the best Cydia sources for iOS 13-13.5. Now you can install any tweak, themes, and much more stuff you like on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 13-13.5.

Which Cydia Sources is best to install?

Installing all of the above-mentioned Cydia Sources and Repos is not possible and it might collide some of the packages and hence result in crashing your iPhone. Therefore I recommend installing some of the best Cydia sources for iOS 13 devices like HackyouriPhone, BigBoss, CydiaGeek, Rpatrich, etc.

With this, you can get a thousand of free and paid tweaks, themes, wallpapers, widgets, applications, add-ons, fonts that help you to customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch the way you like.

If you haven’t jailbreak your iPhone then follow this step to jailbreak your devices from here [How-To] Here’s a 100% working step for Jailbreak iOS 13.5 using Unc0ver V 5.0.0 and AltStore

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