Do you remember the apps that you used last time on your iPhone or iPad? We use many apps in daily life, some as frequent like Facebook or other favorite apps and some as lesser. But we don’t know the apps to track that when it is being used for last time. Well, iOS has a default feature that helps you to find the last used apps on your iPhone or iPad.

It may or may not be important for you all, but can get helpful information in some cases.

How to track the last app you have used on iPhone or iPad

  • Go to the Settings > General
  • Next tap on iPhone or iPad Storage.


  • Here, you’ll see all the storage space occupied by the Apps, Photos, Media and other along with recommendations and the list of apps you have used for.
  • Likewise, you’ll also find the Last date of the apps that you have been using and titled as Never used that you haven’t been used for a long time.


  • With this information, you can filter the apps and free up space by deleting the unused apps you haven’t used for a long time and track any of the apps that you used on last time.

You can always reinstall the apps you have deleted. Simply, Go to App Store app and click Account icon and then Purchased.

  • You will see all the purchased apps and not present on your iPhone.
  • Next Click on the cloud icon to reinstall your app.

For more details, here’s how to view purchased apps and reinstall it on your iPhone or iPad?

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