With the launch of iOS 11, Apple has added a new editing feature for Live Photos that
allows you to add some awesome effects on Live photos in iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad. You can now customize adding Live Photos effects in iOS 11 which is so stunning.
Live photos usually captures a very short video to give a moving effect when you press
harder on screen on 3D Touch devices like iPhone 6s/plus, iPhone 7/Plus.
This was a pretty cool feature when it first came out but it lacked few things like editing option. Apple now lets you add some cool Live Photos effects in iOS 11 that you can apply to your live photos. So here is:

How to Add Live Photos Effects in iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Go to Live Photos album and choose the photo that you would like to apply effects on Live Photos
Step 2: Swipe up on the Live image you have selected or tap on Details from top right corner
Step 3: Now you will get three effect animation option.
Apple now lets you add some cool live photos effects that you can apply to your live photos in iOS 11.So here is How to Add Effects on Live Photos in iOS 11
Loop – Create an endless loop to your live photos
Bounce – Create a ping-pong effect where the photo moves back and forth
Exposure – This effect basically blurs the part the move. Best to use this effect on
moving object like flowing water, moving cars and so on.
Besides adding effects, you can also shorten or lengthen your live photos by going to the
editing option. A new scrubber is added like the one in video which also allows you to set the in and out point to your live photos.
Also you can set your own keyframe and select the best still for your album.
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