Apple introduces new iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad which is tremendously fast than iOS 11. Coming to the feature of iOS 12, Apple added a new menu inside the software update section that is an Automatic update.

Many of users were annoyed before as it automatically updates the iOS version when connected to Wifi and gets installed on their devices.

There was no any way to turn off automatic updates in the previous iOS but a now huge improvement has been made in iOS 12 for disabling the automatic updates.

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Now Apple has made it very simple to enable or disable the automatic software updates in iOS 12 and here’s how;

How to enable Automatic Software Updates on iOS 12

Now you do not have to worry about the automatic iOS updates that are happening without knowing to you.

  1. Go to Settings

2. Then tap on General


3. Next tap on Software Update


4. Here you will see a new toggle option to turn or turn off the automatic updates.


5. Simply turn on or turn off the automatic update toggle as your wish.


With this way, you can stay or update to any iOS version you want.