Don’t have iPhone X for Animojis?? Thanks to SUPERMOJI, that allows to get iPhone X Animoji feature on your older iPhones and iPad running iOS 11 or later.

Animoji is one of the major feature added to Apple’s new iPhone X where users can create custom animated character based on their facial expressions with its revolutionary True Depth camera. The animoji feature is exclusively available on iPhone X only but you can get a taste of animoji feature on your older iPhones too.

How to Get Animojis on iOS 11

You can get animoji feature with an app called SUPERMOJI in iOS 11 on your older devices like iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and all iPads. But remember that it might not adapt all your facial expressions just like iPhone X because iPhone X’s animoji feature works
with the help of hardware and software combination. But wait! SUPERMOJI app for iPhone and iPad is not as bad as I have expected. It works pretty well and can analyze couple of facial expression like laughing, surprised and so on. Also the app supports front as well as rear camera that means you will be able to send animojis using both cameras. Not only that much, this app app also offers ability to add backgrounds and effects on any emoji characters.
So let’s get started and figure out how this thing works

How To Send Animojis on iMessage in iOS 11 

ANIMOJIS WORKS ON iPhone 5/S/SE, iPhone 6/S/Plus, iPhone 7/Plus and iPhone 8/Plus.

Step 1: First of all install the SUPERMOJI app from appstore
Step 2: Launch iMessage app and create a conversation

Step 3: Tap the little app icon and tap the animoji icon

Step 4: Look into your iPhone’s camera and there you will see your animoji character

Step 5: Tap the little circle to take photo. Tapping and Holding the white circle allows you to take video

Step 6: Once it’s done tap the send icon to send the animoji to your friends and families.

To select other character, simply tap the arrow as shown in the image below

The SUPERMOJI app is free to download on appstore.

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