How To Get iPad Like Dock On iPhone Running iOS 12 Jailbreak

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    Docks on the iPad look really amazing in iOS 12 where you can place more than four apps but the iPhone can only hold four apps in the dock section. If you want to increase the number of apps in the dock up to 10 and make it look like the iPad then here is a way.

    Before you read this post, make sure your device is Jailbroken. If it is not then here is how to Jailbreak iOS 12 with Unc0ver.

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    If your device is already Jailbroken then all you need to do is install a tweak named “FloatyDock” from the Cydia. FloatyDock is a really cool Cydia tweak that gives a similar experience of Dock like iPad on iPhone that not only increases the number of apps in the dock section of iPhone but also you can launch the dock while using any app. While you are on an app, launch the dock, drag an app and use it as a Split View just like in iPad. So basically, you will be able to use two apps at the same time on the iPhone. Only compatible with iPhone 8 Plus or lower. To enable this feature, just go to the FloatyDock settings and enable “Slide Over And Split View”.

    How To Get iPad Like Dock On iPhone

    1: Launch Cydia

    2: On the Search tab, search for FloatyDock

    3: Install the tweak and respring your device

    For more feature, play with the FloatyDock settings from the Settings app

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