[How to] You can now Play over 50 new ‘Facebook Messenger Games’ on iOS and Android

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    Facebook has recently added a new Facebook Messenger
    Game feature on its messaging platform “Messenger” that allow users to
    play games within the Messenger app on iPhone & Android. 
    You can now play over 50 Games on Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android. This is so far best
    feature that Facebook has added game feature to it’s messenger app.
    It has added a new tab called “Games”
    where there used to be the “People” tab on the bottom right corner of the
    Messenger app. Messenger is currently offering 50 games and will be adding more
    in future updates. The best thing about this new feature is, you can play games
    within the Messenger app and does not take you to another tab which would be
    really annoying. There are some awesome games like Basketball, Snake, Cut The
    Rope 2, Pac-Man, and so on.
    Facebook recently added a new Game feature on its messaging platform “Messenger” that allow users to play games within the Messenger app on iPhone & Android
    You can also see the leader-boards and
    check the score made by your friends. This update not only brings the Game
    feature but has brought some changes to the Messenger app. Now you can swipe
    left or right to see between Messages, Active People and Groups.

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    How to play Games on Facebook Messenger
    on iPhone
    Facebook Messenger’s game feature is available on both iOS and Android. To play Games on Facebook Messenger on iPhone, iPad or any Android phones, make sure you have the updated version of the Messenger app.
    Playing Messenger game on iPhone is very simple and easy. Just
    follow this steps to play Messenger game on iPhone
    • Launch the Messenger app
    • Tap the “Games” tab located on the
      bottom right corner of the app
    • Select a game that you like to play and
      start playing.

    That’s it!
    Messenger App is available for free from
    AppStore and is compatible with iOS 8 or later.
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