How To Remove Sent Message On Messenger

Facebook has just launched a new feature where you can now delete the mistakenly sent message to someone from the chat forever. For example, you send a message to someone on Facebook Messenger that was not meant to be sent then you can immediately remove it for the recipient and also for yourself.

With this feature, all you need to do is tap and hold a message and then you will get two options: “Remove for Everyone” & “Remove for You”. The first one removes message for both of the participants and the second option just removes message for the sender only.

But make sure that you do it within 10 minutes. Yes, this feature only works when you trigger it within 10 minutes. If that timeline passes then the feature won’t be available. So you need to be quick!

How To Delete Sent Message On Messenger

Step 1: Launch Facebook Messenger and Launch any conversation

Step 2: Tap & Hold a message that you like to remove

Step 3: Tap Remove & Tap Remove for Everyone to remove it from the sender as well as receivers side. You can also delete a message for yourself only if you tap on “Remove for You”

So that is all. Have you used this feature already? Let us know in the comments section.