you ever wanted to switch between iMessage or SMS when sending a message or vice-versa?
Well you are in luck if you are already jailbroken
because SwitchService is a brand new cydia tweak which lets you
to switch between sending your message as an iMessage or SMS
Have you ever wanted to switch between iMessage or SMS when sending a message or vice-versa? Well you are in luck if you are already jailbroken because SwitchService
tweak is used by tapping and holding down the “Send” button in the message app
whether to send a message as an iMessage or SMS. You’ll see a pulse animation
either blue color or green color.  
installing this tweak, SwitchService
adds a preferences panel to the Settings app where you can have options to
you can enable or disable the tweak as well as vibration mode. You can also
configure touch hold time when changing services.
This tweak is useful because when you are out of internet
then iMessage won’t work so in that case you need to send a message as an SMS
if urgent which SwitchService allows you to do this.
is available for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo and is compatible with iOS 9 or
If you want to get this tweak then jailbreak your iOS 9 with this simple
tutorial as below…