Always On Display iPhone Siri Shortcuts

Always On Display has been there already on Samsung devices but it’s not available on iOS yet. Apple has not implemented this feature on iPhone but with a simple trick, we are going to show you How To Enable Always On Display on iPhone using Siri Shortcuts.

Always On Display looks really cool on the lock screen of iPhone that provides certain features like time, date, battery percentage, and a custom note. It’s really handy at the night time or while you are working in your office where you don’t have to turn on the display everytime you want to look at date or time.

This feature works on all iPhone but it’s even better on iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max because these devices have an OLED display and help to preserve battery life. On devices like iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and older iPhones, this features uses all the pixels on the screen because they are LCD displays because of which the battery life will not be as expected.

The Always On Display feature on iPhone works with the combination of two apps. The first one is OLEDX that has the Always on Display features and another one is Siri Shortcuts that enables the app with one tap.

How To Enable Always On Display on iPhone With Siri Shortcuts

  • Download OLEDX  and Siri Shortcuts app from the Appstore
  • Download the profile for Always On Display by tapping here
  • Now if you go to Siri Shortcuts app and Tap Always on Display, you will immediately get the feature work
  • Now to access it even easier, Add Siri Shortcuts Widget to the lock screen. To do this, lock your device – swipe right – scroll down and tap edit – Add Siri Shortcuts
  • Every time you want to Turn On Always On Display, all you need to do is, swipe right from the lock screen – Tap Always On Display using Siri Shortcuts Widget

It’s done! What do you think about this feature? You can also schedule text message on iPhone using Siri Shortcuts, here is how to do so.