How to turn on/off iPhone when your Power Button is not working

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    It’s a very
    difficult situation when your power button bricks and doe snot work. In this
    condition you have to go for repair your power button from repair center permanently. But you have a temporary solution since iPhone has an amazing
    feature where you can give a special care if you your power button gets broken.
    You can turn on or turn off your iPhone even if your power button does not work well. It
    could be your permanent solution if not wanted to repair from the repairing center.
    Here’s how to
    turn on and turn off 
    iPhone without power button or when your power button is not working
    Method 1
    This is simple
    and easy method to turn on your iPhone/iPad using HomeButton when your power
    button doesn’t work.
    • Simply press
      HomeButton and will light up on the screen.
    • Slide to right
      to unlock your device.

    What if your
    both HomeButton and PowerButton doesn’t work? So for this, try method 2.
    Method 2
    Use a Computer or charger using lightening cable.
    This is another
    way to turn on your iPhone with a broken power button and home button by
    connecting the device to the computer or a charger using a lightening cable.
    Simply plug in
    your iPhone into computer or charger using lightening cable. Your iPhone will turned on
    and light up on the screen showing “slide to unlock”. Now, swipe or slide right
    to unlock your iDevice.
    That’s it. You’ve
    done the turn on iPhone without the Power button.
    How to turn
    off your iPhone/iPad without power button
    Use Assistive
    Touch to turn off iPhone/iPad Without Power Button.
    Use Assistive Touch to turn off iPhone/iPad Without Power Button.
    This is the
    best method to turn off your iPhone/iPad without power button. With this option
    you probably don’t need to repair broken power button.
    • Go to Settings
      > General > Accessibility.
    • Scroll down to
      AssistiveTouch and turn it on.
    • You can see a
      grey-white color icon which appears on the screen and can locate wherever you
    • When tapping
      this AssistiveTouch icon you can see many options in it.
    • Tap on Device
      option and tap on LockScreen option to lock your device.
    • To turn off
      your iPhone/iPad just hold down the LockScreen option.

    Now you’ll be
    redirected to “Power off” screen mode. Slide to turn off your iPhone.
    Hope these
    options helps you to turn on/off iPhone/iPad without power button or when your
    power button doesnot work.
    Note: If your
    device is jailbroken then you can turn off using Activator gesture.
    Share your
    thoughts in the comment section…
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