Searching for an Apple Logo from the Emoji section on your iPhone’s keyboard? You won’t find it there! Here is a simple way to Type an Apple Logo on iPhone or Mac.

One of the worlds expensive logo can be found attached to the back of all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc but do you know how to type an Apple Logo using your Apple device itself? It is a little bit harder but not after you finish reading this post.

Remember that typing an Apple Logo is only compatible with Apple devices. If you are reading this post on Windows or Android then you might not see the Apple logo but instead, you will see a character with a box.

How To Type Apple Logo On Mac

Typing an Apple Logo on Mac is very easy. All you need to do is use a keyboard shortcut and you’re done. On your MacBook, press these Keyboard keys all at the same time

option + shift + K (⌥⇧K)

How To Type Apple Logo On iPhone or iPad


You won’t find Apple Logo anywhere in the Emoji section so you have to be a little bit clever here. Here is how to do so

1: Go to Settings of your iOS device

2: Tap General – Keyboard – Text Replacement

3: Tap the + Sign from the top right corner

4: Copy and Paste this Apple Logo  on the Phrase section and enter Apple on the Shortcut field

5: Save it. The next time you type Apple anywhere on the screen of your iPhone, an Apple logo will appear.

What do you think about this trick?

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