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How to type Degree ° Symbol on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Ever tried to insert or type degree
symbol on iPhone, iPod or iPod Touch. Didn’t find it anywhere on the
keyboard? Same was the case for me for a long time. I used to Google the degree
symbol, copy it and the send it to my friend in a conversation which is a
very lengthy process to follow. 
But now I have found a simple way
to type a degree ° symbol from keyboard using iPhone, iPad and iPod
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Ever tried to insert to type a degree symbol on iPhone, iPod or iPod Touch. But now I have found a simple way on how you can type a degree ° symbol
This trick works on all the iOS devices
as well as Mac. 
How to insert Degree ° Symbol
on iPhone, iPad  and iPod Touch
To insert Degree Symbol
from iPhone whenever using message app or anything related to
symbol , just follow this little trick.
Step 1: Launch any app from Homescreen
and when you are typing message on a keyboard, simply tap the numeric key (123)
from left corner of your keyboard.
Step 2: Now tap and hold the ‘0’ (zero)
button. A pop up will appear on keyboard showing the number ‘0’ and a
Degree ° symbol.
Step 3: Move your finger to the
degree ° symbol and you’re good to go.
That’s all. You have successfully
inserted degree symbol on your iPhone or iPad.
How to type Degree ° Symbol on Mac
Likewise, you can also type the degree symbol on
mac very easily, just press and hold the Option Key and then press the number 0(zero) from the
numeric row. This will bring a degree ° symbol on Mac
devices. If you have any tips and
tricks like this, let us know and we shall publish it on our blog.
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