Apple introduces a new Drag and Drop features in iOS 11. If you are running an iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad, you need to know that iOS 11 Drag and Drop is also available in Message app.
Here’s how you can use the new drag and drop feature in the Stock Messages app and how iOS 11 Drag & Drop feature works in iMessage.

How to copy and paste messages using Drag and Drop feature in iOS 11 Message app

It is very easy and fast way to copy and paste messages, emojis, links etc and send them to your favourite ones with Drag and Drop process in the iOS 11 Message app including iMessage.
Step 1: If you have iOS 11 installed on your device, Drag and Drop in Message is little tricky.
  • Launch Messages app
  • Tap on any of the conversation you have in the list.
Step 2: Now from the list of sent and received messages in iOS 11, press and hold down the message bubbles from conversation which eventually picks the message up and enables to “drag” the part of the message.
Step 3: After dragging that message, simply “drop” it into the message composer (typing section) and tap to send.

This way you can easily share your messages using Drag and Drop feature in iOS 11.

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