How to Use Home Screen Actions with 3D- Touch on iPhone 6s/6s Plus with its features

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    After a long wait, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus is finally here. With
    the introduction of 3D Touch in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, an
    entirely new way to interact with your phone. For the first time, iPhone senses
    how much pressure you apply to the display. In addition to familiar Multi‑Touch
    gestures like Tap, Swipe, and Pinch, 3D Touch introduces Peek and Pop.
    This brings a new dimension of functionality to the iPhone experience. And when
    you use 3D Touch, your iPhone responds with subtle taps. Now
    users can explore their iPhones quicker with 3D Touch. The feature has multiple
    usages in different apps on iPhone.

    It’s also important to understand that 3D
    Touch is only available on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus because it’s hardware
    related. This technology is built into the display, so older iPhones will not
    get 3D Touch, even after upgrading to iOS 9.

    With 3D Touch you can now initiate a Quick Action by opening
    an app directly to the particular section you want. Just hard press on an icon
    from your home screen for a pop up of options that you can select as a shortcut
    to the specificaction.

    Here is a list of stock apps that offer Home screen actions:
    • Messages
    • Calendar 
    • Photos
    • Camera
    • Clock
    • Maps
    • Videos
    • Walle
    • Notes
    • Reminders
    • iTunesStore
    • AppStore
    • iBooks
    • News
    • Phone
    • Safari
    • Mail
    • Music
    • FaceTime
    • Contacts
    • Find my Friends
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    You can see some examples with pictures.

    Lets begin with the Phone app, you can simply hard press on
    the Phone app icon, and select your favourite contact from the popup menu to
    make that call more efficiently rather that  pressing the Phone app icon to open the app
    and navigate to the contact for your favourites.
    Likewise hard
    pressing on the Camera app from the home screen, and you will be able to select
    either Take SelfieRecord
    , or Take
     to go to that specific action.

    Also Hard pressing on the iMessage icon will give
    you New
     and a list of your favorite contacts, and hard
    pressing on Maps will give you Directions
    My Location
    Location, and Search

    more 3D Touch features just click on this link.
    you find any new features then please let us know or comment below.
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