ios-12.4-beta -6

There’s a lot of attention on iOS 13 and its beta program right now, but iOS 12.4 also runs through its own beta releases right now.

That continued today with the release of iOS 12.4 beta 4 for anyone who is a registered developer to download now.

Unlike iOS 13, it is possible to download iOS 12.4 beta 4 as an over-the-air update to anyone with the required device profile. It can also be downloaded via the Apple developer portal in IPSW format if this is your jam.

So far, in iOS 12.4, there is not much to get too excited about, and the expectation is that it will be released almost exclusively as a vector for Apple Card support. This summer, the Apple-branded credit card will be launched and new software is clearly needed to make it work. We would also expect this release to contain the usual trickle of security and/or bug fixes.

If we find something new in iOS 12.4 beta 4, we’re sure to let you know, and we’re expecting the release of the public beta to arrive in the near future.

Last week’s release ofiOS 13 beta 1 took the wind out of iOS 12.4 somewhat, with all eyes on what’s in store for Apple’s public launch later this year. The forking of iOS to enable iPadOS to become its own thing is of particular interest to those who are going to enjoy the iPad-specific changes that the big release this year will afford.