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iPhone 7 rumor: thinner body, flush camera, stereo speakers, and non waterproof….

New rumor from KGI suggests that the
upcoming iPhone 7 will have thinner body design, stereo speakers, no camera
bump and will not be waterproof.
According to the rumor, the iPhone 7
will be even thinner than the current iPhone 6S. iPhone 6S is 7.1mm thinner
while the iPhone 7 is expected to be 6.1mm thinner like the iPod Touch.
New rumor from KGI suggests that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have thinner body design, stereo speakers, no camera bump and will not be waterproof.
The camera bump on the rear is also expected
to be removed with the new casing of the iPhone 7. It is also said that the
iPhone 7 will not have the 3.5mm headphone jack due to its reduced thickness.
With the loss of headphone jack, the
iPhone 7 is also expected to feature stereo speakers side by side. There has
been only one speaker since the release of iPhone.
The previous rumor said that the iPhone
7 might be waterproofed. But that rumor turned out to be false for now, so the
iPhone 7 may not be waterproof. 

The iPhone 7 will be unveiled in September later this year.

Source: +9to5Mac