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This wireless charger from Itian is usually $25 but with the promotional code we are offering, you get it for $10. For this price, you also get a wall charger. So basically, get a wireless charger and a charging dock for $10!

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From the Product Page:

  • Please note 1:QC 2.0/3.0 Adaptive Fast Charger is required for the fast charge wireless charging feature, please use the samsung original QC 2.0 adapter as its power source or get it at this link: it is standard wireless charger.
  • Please note 1:It is only suitable for Note9/S9/S9 plus/Note8/S7/S7 edge/S6 edge +/Note5 with fast wireless charging(9V/1.2A),Normal wireless charging speed(5V/1A) for other Qi devices.
  • Please note 3:If there is a case with the phone,The thickness of case can not exceed 2mm and there is not metal material in the back.
  • LED light indicates operation of wireless charger,provide stand mode,Never overheat phone.Feel more comfortabale and safe with humanization design for use.
  • Only get slightly warm,same with the battery.

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