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Most Entertaining Free Apps for the iPhone X

The iPhone X – and that’s ‘X’ as in ‘ten’ – is the latest and quite possibly greatest incarnation of the world’s favorite smartphone. This phone is notable for its edge-to-edge OLED display which gives it a smooth and uncluttered appearance. The iPhone X is packed with new features, one of the most notable being the facial recognition software that allows you to unlock the phone just by looking at it. This is the fastest iPhone to date, and the most powerful, but it also carries a hefty price tag to match. Given that we are dealing with a high-quality piece of kit, you will want to find the best applications to use on your new phone. With that in mind, we have picked out some of the best apps on the market specifically for the iPhone X.

Some of the best smartphone apps succeed because of their simplicity. The delightfully simple and clever Pocket app is an example of one of these. When you find a page on the internet that you want to view later, simply pop it in your pocket on your iPhone. Now you will be able to view it at any time in the future – on any device – and you won’t even need an internet connection to do so. With over 30 million people already using this free app, it is clear that Pocket has come up with a winning formula.

Casino X

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Casino X is the social casino for slot-lovers that has an addictive charm. You get free chips every day meaning that purchases aren’t necessary and there is a great selection of games available, from poker to fantastic slots. Although you can’t yet play for real money on the app, it’s a great place to practice before you move onto the real thing. The iPhone X shows off the casino games to awesome effect, allowing players to enjoy a high-voltages gaming experience. If you are a fan of social casino gaming then you will struggle to find a better option for your iPhone.

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If you are serious about using your iPhone X for photography, then you are going to want to download the free VSCO application. This is a state-of-the-art photography app where you can take photos, edit, add filters and share. Although it may sound a little like Instagram, the crucial difference is that VSCO steers clear of the ‘like’ and ‘comment’ culture and is just all about the photographs.


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Podcast fans will want to get their hands on Overcast, the best podcast app out there for Apple devices. The beauty of this app is its simplicity; it is really focused on providing the best user experience. One great feature is called Priority Playlist, which lets you create a playlist of your favourite pods. What’s more you can rank them so that when a new release of your favourite pod is released it will rise up to the top of the queue. It’s perfect for drivers or people out running who don’t want to have to fiddle around to find a new podcast.

Super Mario Run

‎Super Mario Run
‎Super Mario Run
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Price: Free+

We all need to switch off every now and then, and there are some fantastic games out there which are optimised for use with your iPhone X. Super Mario Run is a great example of these, and one which takes full example of the iPhone X’s full screen. You will be able to try out a mini-version of the game for free, although you will have to pay to unlock the full Mario game.

Animal Crossing

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Maybe you have never encountered the Animal Crossing game in one of its other incarnations, in which case now might be a good time to check it out. This is a life simulator game filled with adorable animals and tasks which will keep you glued to your phone. Travel around the island completing tasks and collecting items, and you will be transported away from the stresses of everyday life.

There are countless apps which work beautifully on the iPhone X, and we have only really scratched the surface with our recommendations here. The full screen removes the barrier between user and display, making this phone perfect for apps which prioritize high-quality visuals. Everything looks and sounds amazing on the iPhone X, which is why it is one of the most sought after smartphones on the market today.