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About Us

About iMangoss

iMangoss is basically about iOS news & rumours, Jailbreak, review of games & applications and everything about iDevices. It was founded in 2014 as a blog focused on providing various information about apple products, mainly iPhone. This site is updated daily by two brothers not only delivering the news, also gives many helpful tips and tutorials about iOS. 

iMangoss Team 

Founder of iMangoss.net
Nirnjan Regmi
I am the Founder and Editor in Chief of iMangoss. Since I got an Iphone 3G  from my best friend Rupesh K.C in 2009, I instantly fell in love with the iPhone. From that time I was so curious about iPhone and started sharing my knowledge about iPhone jailbreaking, Applications & Software which then led me to the creation of this blog. iMangoss is the combination of iPhone & Mango(My Nick Name). 

I completed my Engineering in Electronics & Communication back in 2012. I have a better knowledge about HTML, C programming & JAVA script. I learned everything from my education career and from the internet. It was really difficult for me to build this blog at first. Still I wake up till 2 AM & try to find ways to make my blog more beautiful and make posts that are useful for my viewers. But I never complained about my work. We are only two people working for this blog so we handle everything by ourselves from making posts to building this page, all by ourselves. Find me on Facebook. Email: [email protected]

Nischal Regmi
Hello my name is Nischal Regmi, writer for iMangoss but more importantly I’m younger brother of Nirnjan Regmi who founded this site back in 2014. I got chance to learn everything from my brother. He used to spend hours of time building this page. I used to wonder what was he doing. But later on I was also commited to this website and have been writing since then. I enjoy writing and help my brother whenever I get time.

Regarding my education career, I have a degree of Bachelor in Business Studies from S.T Xavier’s College, Nepal. I got all my education from Nepal. Besides education, I am active in extracurricular activities like recording songs, bodybuilding and playing guitar. I never miss out my activities from my schedule.

I blog for about 2-4 hours a day. My role in this blog is to make posts about Jailbreak, apps & games, tips & tricks and share them on social sites. It is really fun to do things that you love. I never get bored writing for my blog. I am a student of Business, but I have more knowledge about iPhones & gadgets. Feel free to join me on Facebook. Email: [email protected]
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