While the 2017 iPhone model hasn’t been released yet, there
is already rumor surrounding for next year’s iPhone with a bigger 6.46 OLED
According to the source, Apple is planning to launch two
iPhones: 5.85 inch and 6.46 inch with OLED display by the next year. The source
also claims that Apple has already started a development work with Samsung
Display, which is the major supplier of OLED panels to Apple.
Sources said Apple until recently considered launching
5.28-inch and 6.46-inch OLED iPhones next year but the plan for the 5.28-inch
model was ditched due to the growing consumer demand for bigger-screen phones
and related technical progress such as full-screen display.
Let’s see what next year’s iPhone has to offer but for now it
is more important focus more on this year’s Apple iPhone 8 which is more probably
going to be releases on September 12.

2017 iPhone 8 rumored to featured OLED display, wireless
charging, dual lens vertical camera, 3D sensing Face ID and more.