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Top 36 NEW Electra Jailbreak Tweaks Perfect for iOS 11-11.3.1-11.4 Beta

Here are some top 36 Cydia Tweaks compatible with iOS 11, 11.3.1-11.4 beta Electra jailbreak.

iPhone is nothing without the jailbreak tweaks. Cydia always allows you to customize your iPhone or iPad the way you like. There are a huge number of Cydia tweaks, themes, add-ons, widgets, system applications that change your iOS devices look, appearance, and the more functionality that Apple does not give you in the iOS version.

If you have jailbroken your device and waiting for the best Cydia tweaks then here we cover up some top 25 Cydia Tweaks that are compatible with the Electra jailbreak on iOS 11-11.3.1-11.4 beta.

And if you are on jailbreakable iOS version like iOS 11, 11.3.1 or iOS 11.4 beta and had not yet jailbroken then here’s a guide to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

How to Jailbreak iOS 11 – iOS 11.4

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To get the below best Cydia tweaks for iOS 11-11.4 you need to add the Cydia Sources which you can find in the table.


Adding Cydia Sources is simply, just open Cydia, then tap “Sources” > Tap “Edit” and “Add”. After adding the sources you can install the Cydia tweaks that are supports iOS 11, 11.3.1-11.4 beta.

Cydia Sources for iOS 11.3.1-11.4

Top Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11-11.3.1-11.4 beta Jailbreak

Tweak Description Price Repo
3Edgy5Me Customizable S8 Style Notifications on iOS 11 or lower Free BigBoss
AutoWall Set wallpaper at a specific time Free Julioverne
BatteryNotch Represent the battery percentage around the notch using a thin colored line. $1.50 BigBoss
BatteryPercentX Replaces the battery icon with percentage on the iPhone X Free Hackyouriphone
Better Settings Make your settings app your own, set a background image or color, make bubbles, remove icons and more Free Packix
BetterCCXI Enhanced Control Centre $0.99 Packix
BioProtect X Protect your apps with Face ID or passcode on iPhone X. $2.99 BigBoss
Boxy Fully customize your icon layout $1.99 Packix
Call Bar X Minimalistic in-call screen both for incoming and outgoing that donot interrupt when using any apps. $3.99 BigBoss
ChromaHomeBarX Customize the HomeBar with color and animation styles Free BigBoss
Classic Dock for iPhone X Turns the iPhone X’s dock into the iPhone 6/7/8 style. Free BigBoss
Compatimark Highlights compatible packages in Cydia with blue or golgen shield icon. Free Packix
EasySwitcherX Swipe up on apps in the switcher to kill them just like iOS 11 Free Hackyouriphone
FastUnlockX Facilitates unlocking your iPhone X automatically. Free BigBoss
FleetingSwicher11 Gives the oppurtunity to get useful and visual options for the iOS 11 App Switcher. Free BigBoss
FloatyDock Brings the iPad dock to all devices. Free BigBoss
FreeRamUnderTimeX Display the free RAM under the status bar on iPhone X Free BigBoss
HomeBarSizer Customize the size of the HomeBar on iPhone X. Free BigBoss
LockAmin Custom lock animation Free Hackyouriphone
Malipo Take control over your charge sound. Free Packix
ModernXI Modern notification look Free Packix
NoctisXI Dark mode on whole iOS system. $1.99 Packix
NoMoreSmallApps Make all apps full screen on iPhone X even it is incompatible. Free Hackyouriphone
Notchification Receive beautiful animations with your notification. $2.00 BigBoss
Nougat Android notification drawer for iOS. Free Hackyouriphone
Palette Colorize your notifications according to the app icon. Free Packix
PhotoLockDown Lock Photos when sharing with others. $1.00 Packix
Power Tap 2  Power down options Free Subdiox
Respring App Adds respring icon to home screen Free Cydiageek
SBCard Adds home screen card to switcher, swipe up to close all apps. Free Hackyouriphone
Small Siri Reduces the size of the Siri at the top of your screen rather than covering entire screen. Free Packix
SpinXI Custom music widget both on lockscreen and homescreen. $0.99 Packix
SquareCode Change the corner radius of the passcode button. Free BigBoss
Stylish 11 Customize system settings in a stylish way. Free BigBoss
Swipe2Hide Swipe away the dock and status bar Free Packix
XenHTML Allows you to add the lockscreen and homescreen widgets. Free Xenpublic

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