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Virus found in iOS devices, how to fix it

iPhone is known as the most safe
phone in the mobile world. But the game has changed. The security report has
revealed that there’s a dangerous malware out which can harm your iOS device.
After the XcodeGhost hack happened in china, now there’s a new malware called ‘YiSpecter’
discovered by the company, Palo Alto Networks. Report says that, once your iOS
device is infected with YiSpecter, your device will start showing unnecessary
ads, hide the other apps, or unable to uninstall any apps.
There may be many ways that your device
may get infected with those viruses. So here are some initial actions that you
might try to get rid or never get caught by those viruses:
  • Never
    install third party apps from the website.
  • Go
    to Settings—General—Profile & remove all the untrusted profiles.
  • If there is any
    app name under 情涩播放器”, “快播私密版” installed,
    delete them immediately. 
  • Use
    third party iOS management tool like iFunbox, iExplorer or cyberduck if iTunes doesn’t